Disabled Home Care

There are many seniors who have limited means because of a disability, but still wish to remain living independently. This remains a possibility through disabled home care. Disabled home care closely resembles home health care, but differs in certain assistance which  they provide. We’ll take a deeper look at disabled home care, the services it provides, and in what ways it differs from home health care.

Disabled home care is a service that is available to disabled seniors who wish to remain living independently at home, but require quite a bit of help with mobility issues. Some devices that are available to disabled seniors are chair lifts, shower handlebars, toilet handlebars, motorized scooters, and ramps. Chair lifts allow a disabled senior to travel up and down stairs by simply sitting in a chair that is attached to the wall. With a motor, it glides them up and down the stairs, allowing them to travel between floors with ease. Handlebars for both the shower/bathtub and toilet are installed on the walls. These allow the senior to climb into a bathtub, enter a shower, or sit down on a toilet with assistance with balance. The handlebars in the shower also give the individual help with standing and balancing while bathing themselves. Motorized scooters allow for the individual to move freely not only around their home, but also outside the home as well. Motorized scooters are accessible in almost every public setting, allowing mobility to no longer be an issue for disabled seniors. Finally, ramps can be installed throughout and surrounding the house, allowing disabled seniors ease with traveling up and down floors that are not as severe as those requiring a chair lift.

Disabled home care is also provided in the form of home care nurses. These nurses are able to provide seniors with the medical assistance they need.

Some of the tasks they perform on a daily basis can include mobility exercises, assistance with finding equipment necessary for the disabled senior to remain living independently, and medical advice on topics such as prescriptions, physicians, and rehab facilities. By receiving information and assistance from a licensed nurse on these topics, you can be sure you are being informed by an educated resource that can not only provide you with information, but also recommendations and references.

Disabled home care differs from home health care in some small, yet significant areas. One of these areas is the physical assistance itself. Disabled home care mainly consists of physical objects that assist in the individual getting around at home and outside of their home. Home health care consists of a person being there and personally providing assistance to the senior. This is probably the greatest difference between these two forms of home care.

Disabled home care provides assistances for disabled seniors because they still continue to have the ability to live on their own. They do not lose their ability or their desire to live independently simply because they may need more assistance than someone else. This is why so many aids, programs, and care centers are established; so seniors who still hold the desire to live independently can do just that.

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    A residential care facility for the elderly is a great choice for senior citizens. As they age, they do not have to look for another facility as their health care needs become graver. This facility can be their home for the rest of their lives. These facilities seem almost like vacation homes than nursing homes.

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