Drug Programs for Senior Citizens

It might seem like you are being left in the cold with regard to your prescription coverage, whether or not you currently carry health insurance or are being covered by Medicare or Medicaid. However, there are a myriad of senior citizen drug programs that are offered all over the country, for those in need of assistance. Prescription medication can be not only life-saving, but prohibitively expensive; a dichotomy that lowers your standard of living while making you healthier. Having to choose between groceries and medicine might not be what your situation looks like, but for millions of seniors, that is exactly how it is.

Even if you have Medicare and a supplemental insurance plan, you might be falling through some prescription medication cracks, which forces you to pay dearly every month for medication your doctor has prescribed. Some online research and a talk with your primary care physician can lead you in the direction of getting some help covering what can potentially be thousands of dollars’ worth of medication for you or your loved one. A quick visit to AARP’s website can help you find programs for which you might be qualified, and can walk you through the application processes. Prescription drug companies offer assistance for particular medications based on income, and you will be able to find help with your Medicare questions on the government’s medicare.gov website. Medicare can be a maze that seems impossible to navigate without help, and part of the service is having folks available by phone or Internet that can help you sort it all out.

There is help available, by phone and on the web. If you are not Internet savvy, a trip to the library might be in your immediate future. You can get help with computer access to the information that can save you real money every month. Also, think about directly calling the drug manufacturers of the medication that you are struggling to pay for, and ask them if they offer assistance or senior citizen drug programs that can help you not have to make some very tough decisions about either skipping meds, or skipping amenities like cable television or a security system. There are a surprising number of drug companies now who offer assistance to their customers for life-saving medication that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

Medicare has changes coming soon that offer assistance to those seniors falling through the coverage cracks. Healthcare reform, too, is offering assistance to those who cannot afford their monthly prescription bills and doctor visits. Senior citizen drug programs are on everyone’s radar, as it has finally come to the public’s attention that there are serious gaps between what some seniors need to take, and what they can feasibly afford to take. It has become a priority of the government’s and societies, to find a way to better take care of its aging population. Whether the reasons are politically or morally motivated, what it means in a practical sense is real help for a real problem.

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