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If your senior loved one is in an Edmonds, WA Assisted Living facilities well known facility, but your senior loved one feels out of place, you may need to talk to the administrator. Senior loneliness can be heartbreaking for families and friends that wish they can do more for their aging loved one. A senior may feel out of place due to many factors regarding their living situation, and if the staff is overlooking this loneliness, you may want to consider moving your senior loved one into another facility.

Sometimes seniors feel as if they cannot talk to people in their senior care facility. This can be because the senior may need a different level of care, a lesser level of care, or may be better suited for independent living. Listen to your loved one, and if they gripe about the atmosphere, pay attention. Sometimes seniors complain about senior care facilities because they wish to no longer be in that environment, but often enough a senior feels out-of-place and would be better off in another care facility. Caregivers may witness that their loved one in an assisted living situation is not communicating with others or may not be joining in for social hour. The senior may be bored with the options offered, and would desire something other than playing cards or reading. Each senior has their own likes and dislikes, and sometimes the care facility does not cater to everyone.

If you feel your loved one is not fitting in, or is not transitioning well into a senior care facility, you need to take action so that your loved one is not lonely and distraught. Start off with visiting the facility to see for yourself that reactions to the behavior and the atmosphere of the community. If you feel the need, approach the facility administrators to discuss any and all concerns you may have. If you feel that your senior loved one is extremely lonely, tell the administrator to help find like minds for your senior loved one. Having a close group of friends in the assisted living facility will help the situation. There can be progress made if the staff of the facility knows that issues your aging loved one is having.

Sometimes it seems as though the staff is not giving your senior loved one enough attention, which is making your senior loved one feel unwanted and ignored. This can become emotionally dangerous because isolation is unhealthy. When you are visiting, take notice to any and all behavior with the staff members. If they are not properly interacting with your senior loved one, tell them about it. Talk with the administrator and tell them how important it is to engage in a small conversation with the senior. Bringing the issue up can help them determine what course of action they are willing to take. If things do not change, you may want to consider finding another senior housing option.

The facility administrators may act unresponsive and may not seem to care, and in that case find another senior care facility for your senior. Loneliness and depression can be an emotional pitfall for your senior loved one causing physical, and mental health issues. Elderly people who are lonely can be at risk for suicide, depression and other emotional humility. The quality of life is the most important thing to keep in mind when finding a good senior care facility. Do not allow for your aging senior to become lonely, isolated, or annoyed in their living space.

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