Elder Abuse Orange County

Some seniors in Orange County are taking elder abuse into their own hands.  From setting traps to recording behavior, seniors are reminding those who abuse elders that not all of their victims are unable to prevent it or report it.  Some seniors are in a position in which they are unaware that they are being taken advantage of financially or are powerless to the physical and mental abuse.  For those seniors, minded, are finding ways to prove that elder abuse exists in their facilities or within their homes by care workers.

Setting the abuser up can be dangerous and is not necessarily something that a senior should consider, but for those who are doing it, this is what they are doing:

  1. Keeping record and taking dated pictures of valuable belongings and money
  2. Setting up surveillance equipment
  3. Using a tape recorder
  4. Capturing the image or recording the conversation
  5. Reporting the abuse with the proof

The abuse that the seniors are documenting and reporting is helping agencies to be aware of the employees who need not work for them any longer and preventing other seniors from being abused and harmed.  Some times it is a matter of neglect.  Some seniors in nursing homes are finding ways to document their lack of care or the care that those who cannot report it themselves are receiving  Some seniors in facilities have family and friends visiting and checking in on them and their living condition often, while others are without the visits from those outside of the facility.  Some seniors, who are in the position to do so, are advocates for those who are unable to be able to speak up with regards to neglect.  A roommate in a shared room within a senior care living facility may notice that their roommate, who is unable to move about to get a drink, is not receiving fresh drinks throughout the day.  Rather than just helping to care for their roommate, some seniors are taking matters into their own hands.  A senior aged roommate may begin documenting and speaking with the management of the facility to organize a way to eliminate the employee and prove the neglect.  A care worker should not be neglecting or abusing a senior aged client in any form or fashion.  Seniors who are advocates for their own care or who ensure that the care is adequate for others are sending a message to those in the senior care field: if you are not compassionate and willing to provide quality care, there is no room for you in this field.  Seniors deserve to be protected, safe and receive quality care in their senior years.  Most agencies welcome the report of employee misconduct and research the accusations thoroughly, as well as provide disciplinary and legal action where necessary.  An agency is only as good as the care the care workers are providing, so it is important to ensure that the employees providing care are doing a good job and are not abusing seniors in any way.

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