Elder Abuse in San Jose

Stop on by today and check-in on your senior aged loved one living in a senior community in San Jose. The best way to ensure that you know what is going on in the place where your senior is living or receiving care is to make trips to check it out and pop in to see what is up.  It may seem like something you otherwise would not do.  Most of us would not show up unannounced in most places, but senior care centers or communities typically approve of family and friends to stop by without any advanced noticed.  While you are driving down the streets in San Jose take a look at how many senior living facilities or retirement communities offer signs that say to stop in for a tour today.  It is important that you have an open-door policy with the place you and your senior choose for their home.  Seniors are most vulnerable to abuse.

Why seniors are vulnerable to abuse:

  1. Weakened state of physical appearance
  2. Not as sharp mentally as once were
  3. Dependent on caregivers for daily needs
  4. Injury, illness, accident or disease causing disability
  5. Shrinking support system

A senior who looks frail and weak will often be more susceptible to falling victim to a physical abuser. It is sad that anyone would take advantage of the fact that a senior aged person is older and thus weaker or smaller.  Abusers are people who will look for opportunities to take an advantage of a situation.  While it is impossible, to guarantee that you are preventing physical elder abuse, because you will not know everyone who is working with and caring for your senior.  It is possible though to ask management questions about the screening process which the care workers must go through to be hired.  It is your right to know all of the information to make a careful, informed decision about which senior care facility you choose in San Jose.  Seniors may be targets for mental abuse because he or she may not be as sharp minded as once before.  For this reason, a senior may experience verbal and emotional abuse and not be able to combat or defend against it.  Often a senior, who has lost the ability to really recognize abuse, will be more likely to become the victim of elder abuse.  A disabled senior is in the position to be prone to physical, mental, financial or emotional abuse.  Being dependent on a caregiver to provide support for daily needs, will mean that a senior is completely in a position to be taken advantage of, should the caregiver be an abuser.  As seniors age, it is no surprise that many of the people in their lives may be moving away or passing away.  Many seniors will outlive their spouses and adult children may not live near San Jose.  A shrinking support system or if a senior is alone, without friends or family nearby to check-in, the senior becomes more of a target for elder abuse.  Seniors are more vulnerable to abuse than adults of other ages.




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