Signs of Elder Abuse for San Diego Seniors

Knowing what to look for can prevent your elder living in a San Diego senior care facility from suffering longer than he or she should.  There are difficult signs to look for when questioning the possibility of elder abuse in San Diego, especially when your aging loved one lives in a city outside of yours.  Your senior may be hesitant to report abuse and carefully asking questions can lead you to the answers you are seeking.  There is a fine line between concern and meddling.  Some seniors may not appreciate the line of questioning if you approach it in the wrong manner or are too presumptuous in what to expect.  The last thing you should do is because you’re senior to shy away from telling you important details so keep the conversation positive and refrain from asking too often or too many questions.

Senior Abuse Signs you should not ignore

  1. Change in behavior or demeanor
  2. Marks or clothing which may be covering up marks
  3. Senior isolation
  4. Senior depression
  5. Senior avoiding questions about living conditions

Abuse comes in many forms.  Sexual, physical, emotional, neglect and financial abuse are the most common abuse types.  If you regularly visit your senior aged loved one and know that he or she did not have a history of falling or getting hurt, but now there have been many incidents of physical harm, you may consider carefully questioning the living conditions in your senior’s living facility.  If your senior aged loved one seems less than willing to discuss the living conditions or is unable to speak to the care he or she is receiving that may be a sign that things are not going well.

The best way to tell if there is something that you should know about is to simply ask questions.  Remember that victims of abuse often blame themselves so it may take more than one conversation before the abused senior would feel comfortable talking about it.  Be patient, understanding, open and honest with your senior aged loved one should you feel that you need to question the senior facility living conditions or care.  It is important that your senior should be provided for in a senior living facility.  Asking your senior what he or she had to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner may be the easiest way to ensure that the basic needs are being met.  A senior who prefers a certain hygiene product you may purchase and monitor the usage when visiting the senior care facility.  If there is no change the quantity in the bottle, consider asking questions about hygienic care and bathing.  You may ask to do your senior’s laundry to be able to determine how often your senior is changing clothes in the senior living facility.  All safeguards you put in place will bring you peace of mind and help to recognize signs of abuse as soon as possible or at least have the conversation with your senior aged loved one which will indicate if there is or are not a reason for concern.  Pay attention and ask the right questions to ensure that your senior is not suffering from elder abuse in the San Diego senior care facility where he or she lives.

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