Elderly Caregivers

Individuals who choose to care for the elderly come in many different forms. They can be as skilled and professional as a doctor, to someone as casual as a volunteer who spends their spare time providing companionship to those in need of it. Between a doctor and a volunteer, there are many different individuals who provide care for elderly on many different levels. We’ll take a look at a few of those levels, going from volunteer up to a nurse.


Elderly caregivers are individuals who choose to care for the elderly with no compensation can do so through many different means. There are many different websites you can visit which locate an elder care facility near you that you can volunteer at. Volunteers do not need to be licensed in any field, but their assistance is limited because of this. Though they are not licensed, they do always have the choice and opportunity to take their training to the next level and become certified.

In Home Care Providers

In home care providers are a step farther than volunteers. They are compensated for their time spent with an elderly individual. They also receive training and knowledge on caring for the elderly. This training includes daily grooming and bathing, meal preparation, assistance with transportation, and many other areas. Though they are able to assist on a more personal level than volunteers, they also lack certification. However, in the same sense that a volunteer can become an in home care provider, an in home care provider can become licensed and provide further assistance.

In Home Health Care Provider

An in home health care provider is very similar to an in home care provider. They both are able to assist in activities such as grooming and meal preparation. However, since an in home health care provider is licensed, they are able to assist in more in depth activities, such as medication distribution, mobility exercises, and even speech therapy. Though an in home health care provider is licensed and given more responsibilities than an in home care provider, even their assistance is limited.


Nurses who visit your home and care for you through daily visits is as close to hospital care as you are able to get while remaining in your home. Nurses are able to provide blood samples, insertion of needles and IV’s, and even prescription information. Because they have been trained under the direct supervision of a doctor, they are able to perform very similar tasks in the home of an elderly individual. While nurses are able to provide a very well rounded amount of assistance and knowledge, there will always be limitations when it comes to caring for someone in their home.

Because homes cannot provide the same equipment, assistance, and constant medical aid that a hospital can, it is important to know your limitations and if residing at your home is the right choice. Even with all of the elderly caregiver options, it is important to know when you have reached the limit of the assistance in home caregivers can provide. If you, however, have not reached that point, it is important to know all of your available options of elderly caregivers. There are many people out there waiting to help you. Just take that first step.

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