Elderly Emergencies: What to Watch Out for When Your Parent Lands in the Hospital

As people get older, the chances that they are going to end up visiting the hospital at some point increase. A simple fall can be enough to land them in hospital, and when it happens you will want to make sure that their time in hospital is as stress-free as possible for them.

So what can you do?

Here are some of the steps you can take to ensure they stay comfortable in hospital and receive the best possible care.

Prepare Properly in Advance

A lot of what you can do actually happens before your parent has to go to the hospital. So prepare for a trip to the hospital in advance by keeping a list of a few things to take.

For example, keep an updated medical history form for your parent, which includes all of the medications that they are taking and allergies they may have, as well as medical conditions they have, or from which they have suffered in the past.

Also keep a record of surgeries they have had, and take along details of your health insurance information and their doctor’s contact details. Keep it updated regularly, and then you will have it ready to take with you.

Pack Properly for the Visit

You don’t always have much time to pack for a trip to the emergency room, but it can help to keep a list to hand of the following things so that you can grab them quickly.

This could include a change of clothes, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as things to do such as a good book, a tablet, a pack of cards, a magazine, a newspaper, and anything else they may enjoy.

Explain Everything to Your Parent

Your parent may be confused, or they may be scared or uncomfortable in their new surroundings. Stay with them and make sure they understand everything. Listen to the doctor and then explain it all to your parent, and if you don’t understand anything, always ask the health professionals.

This works both ways. If your parent is not being clear when asked questions, you can help clarify the details to the doctors.

Ask the Doctor About Medications

Despite everyone’s best intentions, sometimes things can go wrong in the hospital. One of the biggest risks in the hospital is that your parent receives medication that is not suitable for them as a result of other medications they are taking. So make sure you inform all of the physicians of the medications your parent is taking, and always ask questions about the medications they are prescribed while in hospital.

Also ensure that your parent receives proper care and attention at all times, and demand more if you feel they are not. Accidents can happen in hospitals, and this is where a personal injury law firm in Fredericksburg, VA like Marks & Harrison can be of use if you feel you or your parent has been put in harm’s way.

Prepare for Hospital Trips

Going to hospital is never a pleasant experience for everyone involved, but you can help to make the trip more comfortable and less stressful for your parent by following these tips. Start preparing in advance so that you know what to do when an accident occurs, and then do everything you can to make the hospital stay as hassle-free as possible.

Andrea Adams is caring for her twin toddler’s as well as her husband’s aging parents. Life is hectic and often messy and writing is her escape into an ordered world which she can control! Andrea writes about caring for the elderly as well as parenting articles.

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