Elegant Assisted Living in Los Angeles

Assisted living facilities in Los Angeles, CAIf your senior aged loved one is accustomed to a particular elegance and glamour in their lifestyle, not any assisted living facility will do.  There are many senior assisted living facilities in the Los Angeles area which are tailored to those seniors looking for something a little more than the traditional assisted living.

For the look of glitz and glamour, here’s what to expect in these luxurious living spaces:

  1. Chandeliers
  2. High Ceilings
  3. High quality wall and floor coverings
  4. Marble bathrooms
  5. Elegant lighting

Just because an assisted living facility is geared toward providing a safe and efficient place for a senior aged person, doesn’t mean that it needs to feel like a facility or less than beautifully decorated and designed.  Many assisted living and retirement communities in the Los Angeles area are styled and designed by top home designers.  It is the best of all things for a senior who desires additional care and support in their daily living activities without losing that sense of elegance, glitz and glamour.  Some assisted living communities will make you feel as if you just walked into a high-end hotel in the best part of town, rather than a place where seniors are living for assistance in their lives.  Upscale simply does not explain these assisted living facilities which are designed to provide the care a senior will need without changing the atmosphere that he or she has grown accustomed.  Extra amenities and services are abundant in the upscale assisted living facilities.  Individual preferences and requests are taken extremely seriously and every possible need or desire will be met by the extremely helpful staff to which customer service rivals the best of hotels.  The transition from a senior’s home to the assisted living can be a huge change or a difficult transition, but if it feels like home away from home the assisted living community will be much easier to grow accustomed to.  Knowing that the assisted living community will ensure that your senior aged loved one is getting out and about and not becoming isolated from the community may be an important part of deciding which assisted living community is best.  Many of the elegant assisted living communities will take small tours or groups to visit the neighboring properties Ensuring that the seniors in the area are still adding to the community is an important part of keeping the community alive and not to lose antiquity.  Some Los Angeles assisted living communitiesAssisted living facilities in Los Angeles, CA will have beautiful gardens, swans in beautiful water and even in some cases aesthetically pleasing views from private patios.  Meals and dining areas are just as decadent as that which you would expect from a 5 star restaurant.  Many of the elegant assisted living communities will hire amazing chefs who serve the most sophisticated dishes.  Searching for assisted living in the Los Angeles area does not mean looking for a place your senior can learn to live with, but rather assisted living in a community that your senior aged loved one cannot wait to live in.

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