Enjoying the Senior Life at Home in Chicago

Find senior home care choices in Chicago, ILMost of our lives we are looking for ways to vacation and get away from home.  Seniors in Chicago enjoy their home life by spending their summers relaxing on their porches or sun porches while receiving the care they need and enjoying their lives at home.  In Chicago the summer and warm weather months are short lived.  There is maybe three months of really warm weather.  Seniors who have home care services are most grateful for being able to enjoy their time just looking and around and enjoying their own Chicago homes.  For many seniors, without home care services, the senior would be forced to move to receive the care in which they require to be safe and live a high quality life.  We take for granted to be able to live comfortably and enjoy our own homes.  There are many seniors who move into senior living facilities who, although may enjoy their no surroundings, there really is no place like home.  The summers in Chicago often have very comfortable temperatures in the early day and early evening.  For this reason you will see seniors up and down the streets sitting on their porches and just taking it all in.

How Sun can be good and bad for a senior

  1. Good: Sun can increase Vitamin D
  2. Good: Sun can lift spirits and ward off depression
  3. Good: Sun can encourage people to be outside to socialize
  4. Bad: overexposure to the sun can cause burn
  5. Bad: potential heat exhaustion

Seniors will not be able to sustain the heat and extreme temperatures as well as a younger person.  On the hottest of summer days, it will be imperative that the home care worker ensures that the senior has adequate fluid intake and a fan or some other means of staying reasonably cool in the Chicago heat.  Increase in Vitamin D from the sun is something that the senior can really benefit from.  Just a few minutes each day in the sun can really brighten a senior’s mood and outlook on life.  As we know from watching our loved ones grow older, become a senior can be lonely.  With the circle of life and typical life stages, by the time someone is considered to be a senior many times their friends and family of a similar age are deceased or no longer in the position to visit regularly.

A Chicago home care worker can provide the companionship and human interaction regularly that will help to keep the senior in good spirits.  Getting outside with the home care worker can provide exercise that often may not happen in the winter months in Chicago.  Seniors may increase their life expectancy with regular exercise and the sunny Chicago summers can provide the perfect scene for a senior workout or exercise routine to begin.  Home care workers allow you’re senior to remain in their home for much longer than they would if the senior was caring for himself alone.  Seniors in Chicago are pleased to live in their Chicago homes, while receiving the care in their homes that they need.

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