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Many times the entire family is involved in searching, evaluating and finding senior care for an aging parent or loved one.  The person who becomes the family senior care finder of the right caregiver or the right care provider, is often rewarded after hours of looking, contacting, interviewing or visiting, in order to find the right fit for the entire family, and their senior care need.  So what are the best ways to find senior care?

Internet. There are a great many websites that exist to help find senior care, however, unlike, the majority of sites you’ll find online are single-subject websites.   If you want to find home care, you’d have to go to a home care website.  If you were looking for a nursing home, you’d go to a nursing home site.  But if you didn’t know where to begin, or what kind of care would be best, then first visiting would be your best bet, as they help you understand all the options available, how to pay for care, who can help you, and then you enter your zip code and let their senior care finder work for you.

Local clubs & organizations.  If you belong to a church or social group, chances are the people you’re friends with or those you share activities with, are among you same age group with the same concerns and needs that you’re experiencing.  Simply asking if they know of family caregivers or if they have any experience in looking for and finding senior care, just may surprise you.

Friends & extended family.  The extended family group just may surprise you, but that’s how cousins and second cousins may be of benefit to you when looking for senior care.  Often they’ve either had friends or the direct need of finding senior care for the family.  If they haven’t directly been responsible for this activity, they’re also a great source for ideas that you may not have thought of.

Local professionals in your network.  Chances are you’re probably still working at a job before coming home to deal with the kids, and then have to participate in finding senior care for your family as well.  Since time starved adults, especially women have become known as the ‘sandwich generation’, these responsibilities of

Geriatric care managers.  These are professionals who are for hire, and can help you assess, find and manage all aspects of senior care that you may require.  One resource is The American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work, and their website is  You can find their Directory of BCD Clinicians, and find a person, or, you can visit and in the “Advisory Resources” section, select Geriatric Care Manager from the dropdown, enter your zip code and hit go.  You’ll have resources immediately at your disposal to contact.

As a person close to the one you love, you’re often so busy that you may not notice some deterioration that would require the help of a senior care provider.  So, it’s recommended that you take life a little more slowly when observing an aging parent or elderly loved one, so that you can actually see what’s going on in their life, in order to best provide any family senior care you may need to find for them.

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