Fringe Benefits of Assisted Living

Choosing assisted living in San Francisco, CAGet it right.  Picking the right assisted living facility can literally come down to minor details.  So you’ve been trying to find the best assisted living in San Francisco for your senior aged loved one.  Now they are all starting to look the same.  There are things that the assisted living community does not advertise as an amenity, feature or service provided.  It may all come down to the types of care workers who are working there and their personalities.  When you have narrowed the choices down to just a few in San Francisco, now is the time to mingle with the other residents and the workers.  Asking the residents what the workers do that “isn’t on their payroll” may really make the decision easy.

Fringe Benefits of Assisted living

  1. Workers know the nicknames of the residents or refer to them with the utmost respect
  2. Residents seem happy to share and quick to share personal stories of their time living there
  3. People say hello to one another
  4. Residents find it hard to find a favorite care worker
  5. Facility has a sense of community with personal attention and care to details

Things that we may take for granted or that really may seem trivial in the overall grand scheme of thing, may actually be the deciding factor in choosing an assisted living facility.  For instance, if a resident shares that he or she never missed their favorite television show because a care worker would remember and come to remind the resident that it was on and assist with the television, now that is a bonus in care which may never be advertised as a part of their normal services provided or the resident’s care plan.  If a senior mentions that he or she receives assistance with laundering their clothing, but also mentions that the care worker folds it or puts it away just how they like it and pays attention to the small things which make the senior happy, that is a deciding factor.  Seniors in assisted living facilities who receive assistance with some meal preparation may express how the assisted care giver was eager to learn a new recipe or made it enjoyable to spend some time together.  Looking for the personalization in the care provided is exactly the difference and allows for an easy choice among the San Francisco assisted living options.  So when they all start to seem the same or all seem to be just as equally great, the perfect fit may come from one discussion or conversation which leads you to believe the assisted living community is a place where the personal and tiny details matter.   A place where a senior can live their life, with their choices, but have help to make it happen is the best of the best.  With so many amazing choices in assisted living facilities it can be hard to choose and there are many factors that play into the decision, but knowing that your senior will be happy with personalized care, even down to a tiny detail, will help you to make the choice.

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