Geriatric Nursing

With the process of aging, individuals can expect to begin to see a decline in health. As we age, our immune system becomes weaker and our natural healing abilities begin to decrease. Thankfully, there are individuals who specialize in caring for ill individuals of a certain age. These individuals are geriatric nurses.

Geriatric nurses are responsible for providing elder individuals with home health care, in terms of medicine, physical rehabilitation, and injections. Because of the severity of the services performed, an education and training in nursing is mandatory. Through this education, geriatric nurses gain knowledge in medicine distribution, physical and mental health, and even coping skills for families of seniors. It is important for geriatric nurses to be well rounded in all areas of elder care in order to provide the best assistance possible.

Geriatric nurses not only provide the physical assistance needed by some seniors, but they are also able develop specific care plans for these individuals. By providing both the physical assistance and the care plan, seniors can be assured they are being fully taken care of and supervised by one main person who has complete training in this specific field.

Along with providing medical assistance to seniors, geriatric nurses are also able to provide answers to question their families may have. It is important to involve the entire family in every step of a seniors care plan and daily life. Their families are the individuals who know them best, so it is vital that they have answers to any questions and/or concerns they may have along the way.

Geriatric nursing can be provided in many different settings. Because there are many elderly individuals who choose to remain living at home and receiving their care this way, geriatric nurses are able to provide their care in a home setting. There are also individuals who no longer possess the ability to remain living independently because their degree of health care needed is too great. Theses individuals can receive their care from geriatric nurses in a hospital setting and/or a nursing home. And finally, there are seniors who choose to live in a community setting such as a retirement community or an assisted living community. Geriatric nurses are fully staffed for these community settings as well.

It is often times not recognized that seniors have many options when it comes to their health care and in what mean they receive it. Geriatric nurses are able to provide families and seniors with this information. They are able to give information on all the different forms of elder care available, all the different settings a senior is able to receive their health care in, and even costs and assistance with financing. Elder care is a very delicate and important area, but it is also a very broad area. Because of this, there are many questions that need to be and should be asked.

Geriatric nursing is one of the many ways seniors can be assured they will be taken care of in every possible area. Geriatric nurses choose this profession because they understand that health, both physical and mental, is the most important thing. And though as you age these may become more sensitive, there are ways of preventing severe situations.

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