Chicago Seniors: Get the Best Help for Less

Helping seniors in need to save moneyAs our loved ones in Chicago age and are usually living within a tighter, stricter budget it is important that grocery shopping is done the way to save on all of the things that a senior may need.  While assistance with grocery shopping is not only helpful and home care can provide this assistance, it is not just because the activity can be strenuous for a senior but also that the senior is able to get what they need at the best prices.  A senior may only feel comfortable traveling to one store in their car.  This could be because the path taken to get there is familiar or less busy with traffic, but this may also be to a grocery store in the area that doesn’t have the lowest prices.  Seniors may not have access to a computer or know how to get the best deals with local ads and flyers.  All of these are reasons that home care services and assistance with grocery shopping can be helpful.  Seniors may not choose to buy in bulk or purchase larger sized packages, should they be shopping alone, but with help can get the bigger packages of the things that they use on a daily basis and save big by doing so.  A large pack of toilet paper or paper towels may save several dollars over the course of the month in comparison to buying just a few at a time (for the same brand and quality).

A senior may not choose to purchase items in larger quantity because they are not able to manage such a package of that size into the cart, car and into the house.  A home care worker can ensure that a senior is getting the best deal on the things that the senior is purchasing in the grocery store by helping to point out the sale items or the deals that are happening in store that the senior may not have noticed.  Some seniors may start to shop for the same thing every time they frequent the store, out of habit and because it is what they typically purchase. It is important that the senior is not storing too much of an item that is perishable and that the old items are disposed of if they are no longer good.  A home care worked can help a senior to realize what they already have, what is about to go bad and has been in the home the longest and what they may need to purchase more of.  A home care worker can save trips to the grocery store by taking inventory of products in the home and making suggestions to seniors of things that seem low and may soon need to be replaced. Rather than a senior waiting until he or she is completely out of the product, the home care worker may ensure that they never run out and get it in the upcoming shopping trip.  Organizing and putting away what the senior purchases is something that that home care worker can assist with.  Without any assistance, a trip to the grocery store can be more costly and exhausting for a senior.

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