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Knowing where to start to find assisted living in your area can be challenging.  Surely, you could cold call every number in the yellow pages or go online searching away. We are all really busy and senior care is not something we should take lightly or rush through in making the decision on assisted living.  If you are calling around or looking online all over the place, you are sure to take a decent am0ount of time to do so and may perhaps even ultimately rush the important decision if you are not careful to get frustrated with that process. There is an easier way.  GeriCareFinder is a free service which will help you with locating the best in the senior care industry with just one call or click.  You may hear many companies offering services to help you locate senior care, but Gericarefinder is truly one of a kind in the senior care industry.  Gericarefinder is a multi-award winning senior care resource.  Making the huge change with your senior aged loved one to move into an assisted living facility or enlisting this assisted living service is already stressful in itself, searching for the right senior care is an added stress that you will just not need.  Giving GeriCareFinder a call at 1888.GERI.817 “Pressing 1” for Assisted Living will get you to a place where you can ask your questions and find the best in senior care options.


Assisted living is often the next step after a senior aged loved one is no longer able to live at home alone.  This time in a senior and the senior’s life can be a difficult adjustment and knowing just where to begin with assisted living can be something that you are just not prepared for.  The best place to begin, best source to plan and find quality senior assisted living is GeriCareFinder.  Making the call may not mean that you are really in the position to make the move or help your senior make the move today, but it is always good to be prepared.  So even if you are thinking that assisted living may be a senior care option in the future, it would be a good idea to call.  Just understanding the assisted living option can certainly ease some stress, fears and tension.  You may consider making the call with your senior aged loved one or passing along the information to your senior aged loved one after the call.  Either way, it is an important first step in the direction of your loved ones senior care to give GeriCareFinder a call.  An assisted living facility may be ideal for someone who can’t leave by themselves any more but they aren’t in a condition that requires 24 hour care. You and your loved ones must decide whether or not assisted living is right for you.  Call GeriCareFinder at 1888.GERI.817 “Pressing 1” for Assisted Living and start your journey toward senior care that is right for your family.

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