Government Senior Help Programs

The United States government offers senior citizen programs available to most seniors. The government is also offering caregiver payments if you are caring for a senior loved one. You may be caring for a senior, if so, you are one of millions who provide care for a family member or a close friend. Caregivers may not be receiving any payment for caring for a senior. Caregiving can cause a lot of stress, and it can become pricey as many caregivers “give up” their day jobs in order to care for a loved one.  You may want to visit a number of the government senior help programs available.

If you have quit your paying day job to help care for someone you love, you understand how this can pose financial problems for you. The good news is, you may be eligible to receive a paycheck from the government for caring for a loved one.  If your senior parent, spouse, or a close friend you are caring for is eligible for Medicaid there is a program that can provide financial assistance for the caregiver too. The Cash and Counseling Program, which is available in some states, can provide payments to caregivers. Other states may have a similar program for low-income seniors. Many seniors may also have homecare services that could benefit the seniors caregiver.

If you are a caregiver, you should be aware that you could be paid for your caregiving services. If you are receiving payments from any source, make sure you have a written contract detailing the terms of the work provided and the payments. Since provided care services can be costly, it is beneficial to receive financial assistance for caregiving. No one expects to receive money for providing care, but it is great when the government can offer a caregiver program allowing help to caregivers in financial turmoil.

Since boomers are taking care of their senior parents, it is important to know what government programs are available to you and your senior loved one. Getting compensated for your caregiver duties can help with your everyday life, which in turn helps you continue caring for those you love. If you have quit your paying job, or cut your hours in order to care for a senior loved one, these government programs can help you.

To find out more about receiving compensation for caring for your senior loved one, you should consult a Medicare consultant. A Medicare consultant can explain to you how you will be compensated by the government programs, and what you will need to do to qualify for these services. Also, you may want to contact an elder law attorney to help you write a contract with your senior loved one. Knowing the responsibilities you have as a caregiver in order to receive payment can help you receive the most benefits. Your senior loved one appreciates everything you do for them, and you should feel that your hard work and dedication to caring for a loved one deserves compensation.

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    I need help for household chores, Who can I contact for help in the New Brunswick, N.J. area?

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