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Senior home care has advantagesSeniors living in Orange County, who have home care services, will often be talking about home care workers to their loved ones.  In many of the conversations in which you may overhear between a senior who has a home care helper and their family it is often like the senior is talking about a close friend.  When family members are living outside of Orange County, it is not uncommon for a family member to call often, sometimes even daily or several times a day, to check up on and speak with their senior aged loved one.  In many cases, a senior will be recounting the events over the last few days or hours and in these stories will be the home care worker.  Many home care services will send more than one home care worker, but some seniors may either see the same home care helper often or develop a special relationship with one home care helper or another.  A senior will be eager to tell family about the great experiences that he or she has had while the home care helper was helping the senior to prepare a meal.  This may be a family recipe or a long time secret recipe of the family that a senior will in time feel comfortable to share with the home care helper.  The name of a home care helper will after time become a regular and familiar name to the senior’s friends and family.  It is about the quality of care and the great service a home care helper provides which will build that relationship, but also about all of the time that a home care helper will spend with the senior.  A senior will develop a meaningful relationship with those people in their lives who are helpful, genuinely kind and caring and who spend a lot of time with the senior.

It is very comforting to hear all about the home care helped from your senior aged loved one, especially if you are not able to spend time with your senior or do not live close enough to Orange County to just stop by as often as you would like.  Many of the conversations that a senior will have with their family and friends will be about “we” not “I” and that is so nice.  It is great to know that your senior has help with the daily household chores or shopping, but also that there is companionship with the home care helper.  Nothing is better than knowing that your senior is well taken care of, happy and enjoying time with someone as well as not feeling lonely.  A home care helper may become like a part of the family for the senior and his or her family and friends as well through all of the conversations about the home care helper which will make the family of a senior feel like they know the helper too.  Home care helpers can become nearly friends with our senior aged loved ones and we will be grateful for that.

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