Senior Challenges Her Chicago Home Care Provider

Find home care in ChicagoIf you have ever been around a strong-willed senior, you may understand some of the daily frustrations that home care workers are facing in Chicago homes.  Seniors who require assistance with daily living activities may have a Chicago home care worker who visits with them frequently in their homes.  A home care worker who is there several days a week begins to realize what a senior can safely do on his or her own and what tasks will require assistance.  A senior who thinks that he or she knows what is best and what can be done by them may challenge a home care worker.

A senior who had been receiving home care for a few weeks and the home care worker was preparing meals in advance for the senior was one day frustrated with no longer being able to cook independently and without assistance.  She decided to prepare a meal early in the day before the home care worker arrived.  Not only was the kitchen a mess, the ingredients were not properly measured, the time that the food was to be cooked was not calculated and monitored and the ingredients were not checked for freshness.  The elderly person was excited to offer the meal to the Chicago home care worker when she arrived to the house.  Although the senior aged woman was merely reverting back to a previous life and a time when she was able to provide for all basic needs on her own, it was dangerous and safety becomes an issue in some situations when a senior is not accepting the proper assistance which is needed to protect their well- being.  Rather than the home care worker being entirely receptive and welcoming of the prepared meal, the home care worker needed to explain to the senior the reasons that cooking independently was no longer a safe option for the senior aged woman.  Seniors’ behaviors can be frustrating and often times in direct opposition of the assistance that a home care worker or family caregiver is trying to provide.

Top 5 Signs your Elder is hiding an Injury

  1. Less Movement about their home, more sitting and less walking
  2. Taking more over the counter pain medications
  3. Making excuses for change in behaviors or daily routines
  4. Changing the subject when conversations about health and physical condition arise
  5. Obvious physical pain

While the senior’s behavior may be frustrating, the home care worker should respond with compassion and understanding while explaining the reasoning behind the need for assistance and home care.  The senior aged woman left many ingredients which needed to remain refrigerated out of the refrigerator for too long, making the food unsafe to eat and the oven was still on.  This behavior can be the start of the signs of Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia and is just another reason that home care is a viable option for maintaining the health and safety of a senior aged loved one.  It is often difficult for a senior aged person to understand that a home care worker is trying to help and by providing assistance or taking over some daily tasks, it is not to hurt the senior aged person but rather just the opposite and protect them from harm.  I know that as a family member of an elderly loved one, making decisions or agreeing upon the course of action in a senior care plan can be frustrating.  Luckily, most Chicago home care workers in the area are very understanding and compassionate people.

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