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There are thousands of independent home care companies providing services to assist aging seniors in need.  These home health care agencies are often individual businesspersons who have bought into a franchise system, or have opened their own business to provide home care services in their community.  Either can be certified or licensed based on local and state requirements, so it’s always a good idea to check their credentials before making any hiring decision.

Many clients are provided quality services from the home care companies having a commitment to providing quality jobs to their home health aides.  More evolved home care companies are dedicated to achieving three critical goals:

  1. Providing quality and reliable home health services for elders and individuals living with physical disabilities;
  2. Providing home care workers with the highest possible salaries and benefits, while sustaining a profitable worker-owned company; and
  3. Offering home care workers new career advancement, educational, and asset-building opportunities.

Job Quality. Realize that the hourly wage earned by home health aides is very low, and currently averages less than $9.97.  Find out how much your home care company pays their employee.  Some home care companies offer a comprehensive benefits package for home health aides, including: an individual health insurance policy with a modest $5 per week cost contribution, 401(k) accounts, life insurance, and paid sick and vacation time.

Annual turnover among home health aides averages between 20 and 25 percent, find out what the annual turnover rates are for the home care companies you’re considering.

Opportunity. Many home care company employees are invited to purchase an ownership stake in the company, or it may even be a cooperative, which offers the following additional benefits: 1) annual dividends, based on the company’s profits; 2) free income tax preparation services; and 3) the right to participate in elections for the Board of Directors.

Training. Look into any training program provided by the home health care agency.  Some offer a four-week home health aide training program that uses adult-centered learning techniques to empower participants—and help them learn critical thinking, problem solving, and team building skills.

The better home care companies encourage their home care workers to pursue available administrative staff positions, especially as: associate instructors, clinical field assistants, coordinators, peer mentors, receptionists, and bookkeepers.  Find out what the company offers as internal career advancement opportunities, cross training, etc.,

The more you know about the company when you’re considering hiring one of their workers, the more comfort you will have that you will be making the right decision on a home care worker that will satisfy your needs, and provide the best care possible for an aging senior or loved one.

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