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When you’re specifically looking for Connecticut home care you can hire one from a health services agency or home care business, this does not guarantee the quality of services provided.  In fact, many new eldercare services have become available but do not have government regulation or certification programs.  The state long-term care ombudsman and the area agency on aging are reliable sources for doing a background check on care providers.

It’s important for the entire family to continuously monitor the quantity and quality of services rendered.  We recommend that you follow these suggestions:

  • Make regular contact with your relative’s home care providers – by phone, mail, and better yet, in person.  Exchange telephone numbers and let them know that they can call you anytime.
  • Hire workers from agencies that are licensed, insured and bonded.  Unfortunate accidents with helpers include physical and verbal abuse and theft.
  • Write down and discuss all special instructions.  Demonstrate tasks if necessary.
  • Provide the home care providers with emergency telephone numbers.  Post this information near a telephone at your elder’s residence.  Have the care providers give you the names and telephone numbers of their emergency contacts and health insurance carrier.
  • Keep the care providers updated on your relative’s health condition and have them contact you if they notice any changes.
  • Be on the lookout for signs of trouble – the day’s work isn’t done, the worker doesn’t keep track of spending money, your relative complains about the worker’s attitude and quality of care, clothes or food or household items are missing, the worker comes late and leaves early or you feel as though you aren’t getting important information.  Don’t let problems build up.  Take the time to discuss and resolve issues as they occur.
  • Be aware that if your Connecticut home care provider is from a different cultural background, communication styles may vary from yours.  For instance, a worker may believe that asking personal questions and saying no to an authority figure is not acceptable behavior.  The worker may therefore not give you clear answers, especially if he or she is reluctant to say or do something you’ve asked.
  • Provide encouragement and support.  Let the worker know you appreciate his or her assistance.  Thank you notes, flowers and favorable reports can really make a difference and may encourage that person to pay even closer attention to your senior’s well being.

The salary range for home care services begins at minimum wage and depends on the amount of training and experience the home care worker has and whether or not an agency is involved.  Transportation fees may be an extra cost.  Medicare, private health insurance and health maintenance organizations all apply restrictions on home care coverage.

It’s also wise to review the employment regulations for the state of Connecticut by contacting the Social Security office or the IRS office.  Getting advice from an accountant or lawyer will also be helpful.  Keep careful records.  It’s also recommended to ask your home insurance agent about proper coverage while employing someone in the home.

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