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Find quality providers of home care in HoustonSo we, who are family caregivers of senior aged loved ones in Houston, would otherwise not be able to go anywhere if not for home care in Houston.  Intermittent home care services are available and are customized to the care needs of your senior aged loved one.  Mom and I spent every day together.  I literally cared for her every need and I was very compassionate in doing so.  Some days, she was capable of doing more for her and my Dad than others.  Some days, I did not even have a minute to myself.  I prepared meals, cleaned the house, took out the trash, fed the dog, walked the dog, did the laundry, helped with grooming and personal care needs and just about anything that you could imagine happening in a day’s time.

At first I was okay managing the stress and responsibility of being the primary caregiver, but as time went on I got just literally exhausted.  It is too difficult to maintain two households and try to have any sense of a life outside of caregiving when you are doing it on your own.  My feeling of being overwhelmed soon turned to frustration and I became short tempered and felt that the quality of care that I was providing was adequate but I was losing my relationship with my elderly parents.  Caring for an aging parent and serving as the primary caregiver can steal the parent/ child relationship and the bond that you once had will be replaced with all caregiver concerns and stresses.  Caring for an elderly loved one can be stressful and everyone needs a break from life.  While most people who are working a job get personal time off, many caregivers are not allotting themselves the same necessary break.  See the Caregiver Stress Checklist for the top 5 signs you need a break from caring for a senior aged loved one.

If you meet three of the five on the checklist, enlisting the help of a home care worker to assist with caring for your elderly loved ones is a call you simply must make.  Do not trade the relationship that you have with your parents for the stress of caregiving.  Finding the balance in providing senior home care is essential to ensuring that you, as a caregiver, are not overly stressed and are now not treating your loved ones as you normally would.   If you find that you are losing respect or patience due to caregiver frustration, take a break.  Home care services in the Houston area are available to allow primary caregivers the opportunity to do other things on a regular basis, with other friends and family, hold a job or take a vacation.  Be sure to recognize the signs of caregiver stress and address those concerns by enlisting the help of a home care worker in the Houston area.  Call a home care company a few weeks before an event, as most will require an in home evaluation and the financing to be in place prior to scheduling a home care worker for your senior aged loved one.  Plan ahead and take time to eliminate stress as a primary caregiver with the helpful home care in Houston services available by a qualified provider.


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