Preventing Falls During Houston Home Care

Steps to prevent falls while in Houson homecareHome care workers play a unique role in fall prevention in Houston senior’s homes.  Some seniors do not have a family member or friend who has the trained eye to look for things that might cause a fall or accidental slip.  Home care workers are experienced with seniors and their care needs.  While a family member may remember a time when a senior aged loved one was limber, flexible and had great mobility, home care workers are aware that as we age we run the risk of experiencing a fall and this risk grows in likelihood.  Trip hazards and things that we can change in the home are typically easy to identify for a home care worker.  Houston home care workers will spend a significant amount of time in the home and their suggestions should be considered as an expert opinion with regard to fall prevention.  A home care worker will be providing an outside perspective to that which we are used to seeing in a senior aged loved one’s Houston home.

Things have probably been the same in your grandma’s house for years.  The sofa and end tables are in the same place in the living room as they were when you were younger.  The kitchen table is the same which you can remember a few years ago and most all carpets and blankets are positioned in the same place in the house.  Most seniors are consistent and the same with most things within their home.  It was fine to have an end table that stuck out just a bit into the doorway or a carpet that slipped just a bit on the floor when the senior was able to move quickly and respond to the household potentials for a fall.  Seniors may not be able to move as quickly or with such physical ability to respond to a potential trip or fall hazard.  There are things to look for to assist your senior aged loved one in preventing a fall.  Some of these things may be suggested by a home care worker, who typically works with senior aged people.

How to prevent a fall/ fall risks

  • Loose carpets
  • Furniture that is out in walkways or doorways
  • Slippery floors
  • Small pets or children
  • Low lighting

Many people will not think to make these changes when the house has been the same for as long as you can remember in your senior’s Houston home.  As we age and our vision and physical health changes, there is a need to change the things in the home to prevent a fall.  Fall prevention is something that some home care companies in Houston are offering as a service that home care workers are able to provide.  Other times, home care workers, just from all of their experience in being able to identify care needs of seniors will be able to offer suggestions to family and the senior about what may be done in the home to prevent falls and injuries.  A fall for a senior may lead to a hospital stay or change their ability to live alone at home any longer.  It is important to listen to Houston home care workers who identify and suggest things which may need to be changed in your loved one’s home to prevent falls.

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