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Quality in home services is a valuable part of any senior care plan.  In the area surrounding San Antonio home care agencies are available to assist with the needs of your aging loved one.  From help with household chores to assistance with daily living activities, in home care services can be a beneficial part of your aging loved one’s daily life.  The amount of help that your aging loved one is in need of can change as he or she ages or the medical and mental state changes.  Often it is merely in a period of time in which recovery or treatment is being performed that your aging loved one may need home care.  The care may be every day, but for a short period of time.  The care may be intermittent or sporadic as the condition or care needed comes and goes or the home care may be constant or long term.

“You Don’t Have To Be An Expert To Get The Home Care You Deserve…”

Quality is an important part of selecting a home care service for your aging loved one’s needs.  It is imperative that the right company is selected to assist you in what you desire assistance with.  Some companies cater to the aging seniors with medical or mental conditions in which a home nursing agency may be needed.  In some cases a non-medical service which employs and provides care services of a non-medical or non-clinical nature may be hired to provide companionship or help with non-medical needs.  Many times choosing the home care service with the highest quality can be after careful research has been performed to determine which service and which company to provide the senior care service is best for the job or to fulfill needs of your aging loved one.

Senior care needs to be addressed or care that may be provided may include the need for help with meal preparation or medication preparation or managing medications.  Your aging loved one may need assistance with grooming or other daily living activities and household chores.  Needing assistance with laundering clothes, preparing meals, washing dishes and light cleaning or upkeep and maintenance in the home may be some of the non-medical needs that an in home care service worker may be able to provide.  Bathing assistance can merely mean a service worker to scrub where an aging loved one is unable to reach or assistance with safely getting in or out of a bathtub or shower.  Other times, your aging loved one may need assistance with grooming which includes fully bathing or showering.  Grooming, bathing and general personal hygiene are things in which prevent some colds, flus, sicknesses and illnesses.  Staying clean, germ-free and maintaining good personal hygiene are just some of the ways you can encourage your aging loved one to stay healthy and prevent illness.

Home care of a clinical or medical nature versus that of a home helper or non-medical assistance nature is something you must work with your aging loved one’s doctor, social worker or geriatric care manager to determine what kind of home care is needed.  Home nurses provide medical home care services of a medical or clinical nature in an effort to provide recovery and healing.  Home care helpers and in home assisted living service workers provide more of a non-clinical type of care service in the home.  Companionship and those non-medical home care services are invaluable to a senior care plan.  Even if your aging loved one does not require in home services every day, the routine visit by a home care worker can encourage and motivate your aging loved one to maintain a healthy physical appearance; as well as maintain a clean and tidy home.  The companionship is a morale and personality booster and is a positive way to keep your aging loved one’s mind sharp and rid depression and loneliness.

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