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For an elderly person, taking care of a house can be a full time job.  Even young adults can find that all of the tasks it takes to make a house a home can be daunting. For a senior in Los Angeles home care is making it all possible.  Each day a routine might looks something like getting out of bed, washing your face brushing your teeth, drinking water, taking pills making tea, opening the blinds and curtains, watering the plants, changing into daytime clothes after bathing and making plans for shopping or an outing for the day.  FO a senior, any one of those things could be impossible without a little help.  Getting in and out of bed can be difficult, but possible.  Washing up might even is possible without help, but there are things that are more than just simple daily living activities.  A senior may only have a limited amount of flexibility or stamina.  If there are just simply too many things to do in a day, there may not be the energy to allow the senior to get to them all.  For this reason, a home helper can be just what a senior will need to ensure that the senior is able to get everything done in the day.

Some seniors have had the same plants for decades. Just missing one time watering the plants may mean the demise of a plant with sentimental value and a long time standing in the senior’s life and family.  To some, a plant may just be a nice addition to the home décor.  For some seniors, there have been marriages, children, homes, grandchildren and now perhaps an empty home but the plant has been through it all.  Home care services can assist the senior with medication reminders.  When it is a medication prescribed which is essentially playing a pivotal part of the senior’s health missing a dose could be life threatening.  Home care services can assist with the entire errand running in a senior’s day.  Shopping and getting out of the house can be a real mindset changer.  Seniors are just like most other adults, and although they may not have a job to report to each day, they are eager to get out of the house once in a while.  A shopping trip, without assistance, can be extremely exhausting for a senior aged adult.  There’s making your way from the car to the store, through all over the store aisle by aisles, stretching and picking up groceries of all sizes and weights and then loading into the vehicle, unloading from the car into the house and putting it all away.  That can literally be too much for a senior to try to do alone.  So when it is a big shopping trip or time to really restock the house, home care services are most necessary for the big trips.  Some seniors just find that it is nice to have the home care worker in their Los Angeles home to enjoy the company and not being alone.  Home care services are helping seniors make it all happen every day.

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