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Compassionate home care in PhiladelphiaIn Philadelphia, celebrating a monumental anniversary will include those who are important in a senior’s life, like home care Philadelphia workers.  So much goes into an anniversary party for your senior aged loved ones, who have been together longer than you have been alive.  There is the task of securing a Philadelphia venue.  Finding a place that will accommodate all of your family and those people who your senior aged loved ones have known for 50 years will require some thought and time.  You don’t want the venue of the party to be so large that it is impersonal and it needs to be intimate for such an important occasion, but also you don’t want to be packed into the venue so tightly that the guests are not able to move around and mingle with one another.

Some guests will not have seen each other in many years.  Other guests will be close family and friends.  A home care worker who has been assisting your senior aged loved ones in their Philadelphia home may be invited and it will give all of the family a chance to meet this person who they are trusting to care for their loved one and get to know him or her on a more personal level.  It is not uncommon in Philadelphia for weddings and anniversary parties to have a ‘bridal dance’.  This is a thing where the ‘bride’ will dance with each of the guests in a circle and those who are dancing with the bride will put money in an apron or a wedding money bag.  It is supposed to bring the guests and the bride good luck to dance with the bride.  The guests who have danced will form a circle outside of the bride and make it difficult for the groom to get into the circle.  He will need to fight through all of the family to get to his bride.  Obviously, as people age and an anniversary for elderly people may alter the fight for the bride or the bride’s ability to dance with all of the guests.  Being invited to celebrate in a special day like a 50+ year anniversary is an honor.

Those friends and loved ones of the senior aged people who are so lucky to know a happy couple who have been together that long are fortunate.  In this day and age, it is not common to know many people who have stood the test of time and have been together for more than 20 years (let alone more than fifty).  Non-family who are invited to the anniversary party for the senior aged people will often not be expected to help with the preparation and cost associated with throwing the party for the elders, but it is customary for most guests to bring a card and/ or present.  Seniors who have been together a long time have many people who have or may have been important to their lives.  It is often difficult to narrow the list to those who are most significant.  In Pennsylvania and many times in other places, home care Philadelphia workers are invited to the anniversary parties of seniors who they care for because they are important to their lives in the present time.

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