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There are many ways to keep a senior in their home these days, as companies and individuals are continuously developing new and innovative home care products.  If you can think of an application or a different use for a similar product, it may have already been created and available for you, so you just may want to do an internet search to find it.  If you can’t find it on the internet, perhaps it’s a business opportunity for you!

Either way, home care products have grown exponentially over the last 20 years as the population has aged, but also because of the belief and evolving philosophy that there’s no need to live in discomfort or pain, when that can all go away with the help of just buying a home care product that can help.  For instance, big-button phones have been around for years, yet not too many people know they exist.  There is no reason to squint, dial wrong numbers, or be confused by standard market tiny phones when there a plenty of alternatives around for you to choose from.

Another easy home care product that you may not know existed, is the illuminated light switch.  As we all get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, nightlights are sometimes inconvenient when they don’t illuminate the area where the light switch is.  Simply replacing standard slide or toggle switches with a lighted light switch can certainly help ease your night-time confusion, or concern about safety.

Ramps are another basic home care product that are now readily available.  Instead of a dangerous drop-down family room step, do a little furniture changing and replace that step with a ramp – or, place a ramp along a wall that’s not really necessary, along with a handrail for easier traversing.  There is no need to trip over something in your home that was built when you were able to navigate better, when a simple ram will help solve a danger problem.

Are you finding it more difficult to lean or squat down to the toilet?  There is simply no reason that toilets are built so low to the ground anyway, as there have been high-boy toilets, or those for more commercial use, which are a good 6 inches higher than the home toilet made even 10-15 years ago!  There are toilet lids that are thicker, to help raise the seat about 4 inches that you can buy if you don’t want to replace the entire toilet bowl and tank.  There are also portable toilet seats that have handles on each side, though these are often a bit wobbly and sometimes inconvenient to clean.  There are many, many home care toileting options these days that would best fit your look and your needs.

Home care product suppliers are abundant on the internet, as well as what is commonly available at a local hospital supply store.  Though you may not think that you need hospital supplies for your home care product needs, these are great local outlets to visit and see the many convenient products available to you.  And who knows, you may find that the convenience off the product far outweighs your negative associations with making a purchase from a hospital supply store!

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