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Home Care in San AntonioSome seniors eat a lot and some just nibble throughout the day.  Home care in San Antonio provides services to help keep seniors appetites at bay and bellies full.  Throughout life we tend to develop a pattern with regard to our eating and sleeping habits.  For some people it was a necessity from work or family obligations that dictated their schedules.  For others, schedules for eating and sleeping were just developed around their preference.  Some people are get- up-and-go kind of sleep and eaters.  These people are early to wake and eat nearly as soon as they open their eyes.  Others sleep in without an alarm and ease into the day without eating until much later in the afternoon or possibly waiting until dinner.  While there is much discussion and research surrounding what might be the healthiest way to live, eat and sleep most people just do what is best for them.  After years of being an early or later riser or eater, these patterns typically continue in the later years of life.  Seniors who are in need of assistance in their home will often have meals on wheels or other home care services to help them out.  Some seniors will save their meals from the day before to be able to eat very early in the day; while others make lunches a late night snack.  Breakfast options are typical for seniors who eat early in the day.

Breakfast options:

  1. Cereal, toast and fruit
  2. Eggs, bacon and toast
  3. French toast and sausage
  4. Grits and eggs
  5. Yogurt, bagel and fruit

Our patterns of behavior are often just from years of a need to eat before we go to work or wake up for work at a certain time.  Some seniors, upon retirement or no longer caring for children on a schedule, will completely change their behaviors.  Often naps in the afternoon are possible and so late nights and later mornings to wake up are now possible for a senior.  Home care usually circles around the particular needs and preferences of a senior.  Home care in San Antonio provides services which are part of a senior’s budget and/ or their families cost to help care for their elderly loved one, so home care services which are not essential to maintaining a high quality of life may be avoided while those which are making the senior the happiest will be the home care services to invest the most time in finding and funding.  Help with preparing meals is a non-medical home care service that may really make a senior happy.  Especially for those seniors who are not really into eating a bite here and there or nibbling all day.  Some seniors will only be happy with full, home cooked meals and non-medical home care services like meal preparation can really improve upon the senior’s quality of life.  If the senior is an early riser and eater then meal preparation non-medical home care service would be best for a senior in the early morning.  For those seniors who prefer to eat their bigger meal in the later part of the day non-medical home care services may choose to be scheduled at that time.  Home care in San Antonio in senior’s a home are chosen based on senior’s specific needs and preferences.

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