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home care in san francisco, CAQuality home care can be difficult to find if you do not contact a reputable home care agency in San Francisco. Most people are willing to look around to find a company, which will provide your aging loved one with the highest quality home care in their San Francisco home. If you have a home care worker in your senior aged loved one’s house for a significant period of time, or especially if the care will be live-in, there will be a need to ensure that the home care worker is reliable, dependable and trustworthy. Companionship services offered through home care agencies in San Francisco are not usually on a live-in basis. Companions of senior aged people are able to provide emotional support and act, as a friend to your senior aged loved one. Many home care workers are extremely compassionate people who take pride in their jobs and truly make meaningful relationships with their senior aged clients. Companionship home care services on a once a week schedule offer your senior aged loved one the opportunity to look forward to company in their San Francisco home. A quality home care worker in San Francisco will make a friendship with your senior aged loved one and not look at companionship as necessarily their job. If your home care worker is not making a meaningful relationship or your senior aged loved one is not able to connect with the home care worker, contact the San Francisco home care agency for another home care worker to be assigned. It may simply be a personality incompatibility issue. You have the right to receive the highest quality companionship services for your aging loved one.

Certified nurse’s aides are able to assist your senior aged loved one with a variety of care needs. These well-qualified and trained home care workers provide senior care of a non-medical care need and assist with personal care, grocery shopping, preparing meals, planning upcoming events and travel, household cleaning and upkeep, and will also provide companionship, conversation and socialization for your senior aged loved one.

Personal care services cover the basic everyday needs that your senior aged loved one may need assistance with. These things like bathing, grooming, clothing, oral hygiene, lotion and medication or eye drop application and help with exercise and calisthenics are personal care needs that your senior aged loved one may have the most difficult time adjusting to the need for help. San Francisco home care workers will be as compassionate as possible when providing for personal care needs and maintain the utmost dignity and privacy of your senior aged person.

Home care workers in the San Francisco area are able to visit or stay with your senior aged loved one in the hospital. At times, nursing home and hospitals will regard a home care worker with the same privileges as a family member during the senior’s hospital stay. A familiar face like those of the home care worker, can be comforting to your senior aged loved one. Caregivers, whether they are family, friends or home care workers, know a lot about a senior aged person and can offer valuable information of the clinical and non-clinical type to the nurses and doctors in a hospital. Many seniors are not even familiar with what medications he or she takes regularly or what they are allergic to. Caregivers are usually able to help in answering many questions when a medical professional in the hospital is assessing the patient.

While in their San Francisco home, many seniors need help to remember their medications or help in the administering of their medications. Something that may seem as simple as administering prescribed eyed drop medication may be complication for a senior aged person, particularly if the senior aged person has a difficulty tilting his or her head back far enough. A home care worker who is able to quickly, efficiently and painlessly administer eye drops can increase the quality of life of a senior aged loved one.

Doctor’s appointments or medical treatment appointments can be confusing and stressful for a senior aged person. A San Francisco home care worker can be available to accompany your senior aged loved one to a doctor’s appointment or to a treatment facility. The need for the home care worker to remember to reiterate what a medical professional had said during the appointment at a later time is not an unusual occurrence. Seniors may have a hard time hearing, understanding or paying attention to the physician and it is important that necessary healthcare instructions are not missed. Home care workers in the San Francisco area can help to protect your senior aged loved one from safety hazards and medical concerns.

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