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Quality New York Home CareA few things around a senior’s home may need attention.  Thank goodness for New York home care services like housecleaning and home repair.  Seniors who are otherwise unable to care for their home as they may have been able to previously will have the ability to take pride in their home with the assistance that home care can provide.  Many seniors will not ask for help and family members may need to recognize the signs that home care is now a necessity.

Signs that senior needs home care services:

  1. Home is messy, cluttered and dirty
  2. Leaking faucets and shower fixtures
  3. Dirty floors and countertops
  4. Dusty furniture and appliances
  5. Doors which don’t close appropriately

These things may seem minor in caring for your senior and many seniors are not unhappy in their homes, even with the change in scenery, but it is not only necessary but can be unsafe to allow the home to become dilapidated or dirty.  A door which doesn’t close as it appropriately may invite unwelcome guests if not careful.  Making sure that the home is able to be secured and safe for a senior is a priority.  Many family caregivers will be concerned with basic needs of ensuring that a senior is healthy and eating well, but there is a need to recognize when housecleaning or home repair home care services are necessary.  A shower fixture or leaking faucet may be just a bothersome, dripping annoyance until the senior is experiencing the hardship faced by the increase in their utility bills.

Keeping a home in the best condition for a senior is just another way to protect your loved one and ensure the highest quality of life.  Many seniors took pride in caring for their homes and it can become very depressing for a senior who is no longer able to care for the home as they once had.  For this reason, it is necessary to hire a professional housecleaning or home repair company to care for the home and help the senior maintain the pride in their New York home.  One day while visiting your senior, you may notice that the dishes are not being washed as often and then a few more times that you visit you may notice that the house is much dustier than you remember it ever being.  For some seniors, who are still able to clean their own homes, it is a matter of not being able to clean where they cannot reach.  You may notice that anything a waste level is super clean, while the rest of the above head or near the floor areas require attention.  Seniors will often not maintain the mobility and flexibility is requires to clean the high to reach spaces or hard to reach corners.  You may find that your senior aged loved one does a fine job with the daily cleaning, but is no longer able to perform the deep cleaning (like scrubbing) which may require a housecleaning company’s assistance.  Some seniors may have previously managed small repairs in the home, but now the small projects are not able to be managed by a senior who has a harder time with the tools and things.  Take a look at your senior’s home and assess if New York home care services would be beneficial.


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