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Finding a good home health care nurse can be a godsend for an elder family who needs help with care, but who is unwilling to give up their independence.

At GeriCareFinder, we have to tools to help you determine if this type of care is right for you (or for a senior family member) and to help you find the home health care nurse in your area. As an award winning site servicing families who need guidance caring for seniors, GeriCareFinder partners with many home health care nurses whose services are particularly catered to seniors.

Not only do we have a range of resources in terms of information and work tools to help you learn about and be able to afford home health care, due to our partnerships, we have a searchable database that will yield local results for those searching for home health care nurses across the country.

Before you embark upon finding one however, you should first determine if this type of care is what is needed. We have a Senior Care Support Tool on our site specifically intended to help you decide what level of care a senior actually needs. Through our extensive research or the industry and our intimate knowledge about the factors that impact a senior’s quality of life, we have designed a set of easy to understand questions that any senior or their caretaker can answer. These answers are meant to gage the amount of help a person actually needs in their day to day life, such as, whether they need help with toileting, do they express themselves well, do they get disoriented, can they clean their house or prepare meals for themselves, and so on.

This tool will let you see if you need a nurse to visit or if you just need a qualified home helper to come and provide help in a non-medical way. Perhaps the elder in question has all their mental capacity and  is even careful about taking their medications on their own. Certainly, there would be no reason to take any additional steps to disrupt this person’s life by forcing them out of their home into a nursing facility, or even to bother with the expense of having a visiting nurse. In this case, perhaps just a little help cleaning, preparing meals, bathing and dressing is all that’s required. You can even find a reputable service to transport this family member to their doctor’s appointments and even for social occasions.

However, the last thing you want to do is underestimate the level of care an elderly family member actually needs. If they are emotionally or mentally unstable, if they have extremely limited mobility or they require the services of a medical professional to administer and monitor their medications, then our tool will help you to recognize that.

Whether you need simple home care, the services of a home health care nurse, or would benefit from more advanced care such as those offered by assisted living facilities or nursing homes, GeriCareFinder can be your resource for finding out what you need to know, including locating specific local providers. Pay us a visit today.

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