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Worrying about an elderly loved one falling is a major reason that your family member may need to have home health care in San Jose.  Leaving an elderly person with health or mental issues alone may be detrimental to his health.  Having help in the home, such as a home health worker or nurse, may prevent serious injury by falling.

Preventing falls by modifying the home is important in recognizing concerns before they become dangerous.  Elderly people are susceptible to falling, so the home should be as sturdy and safe as possible for an elderly person to move around freely and without obstacles.  Handrails are the first step to safety.  They allow elders to hold on for stability and balance.  The handrails should be able to withstand the weight of the elder and be at the appropriate height for comfortably reaching and using.

No loose carpets or flimsy or unstable furniture should be present in the home.  Throw rugs or runner carpets that are not permanently attached are trip hazards.  These items may become bunched up or twisted and because an elderly person may not lift his feet it may cause the carpet to be folded even easier. Replacing bathtubs with walk-in shower units is a way to prevent a fall.  It is difficult for an elderly person with less mobility than a younger adult to be able to lift his leg over the side of the bathtub to get in or out. An elderly person may not be able to get back out of a bath tub without assistance and then may be slippery and hard to grip for a home health worker.   Also, while showering an older person may lose his balance or become dizzy while his eyes are closed.  Without grips, rails and bars in the shower the elderly person may slip and fall.  The bottom of the shower needs to be made of a non-slippery surface to prevent falls.

Preventing falls by recognizing health issues is appropriate with elderly people.  Your loved one may not recognize that he or she is having a vision change or a high blood pressure issue.  A medical provider will be able to address and diagnose these issues with ease.  Regular checkups are important for early detection and prevention of falls.  Dizziness and equilibrium changes will cause someone to lose their balance and potentially fall down.  Preventing falls may be possible by hiring a home nurse or care worker to provide assistance for proper medication dosing to an elderly loved one.

Minor falls include bruising, sprains and scratches.  These can be caused from not sever falls and falls that often do not include any internal or brain damage.  Major falls include bone breakage, head trauma and fractures.  Head trauma caused from falls and concussions can have serious or deadly consequences.   Broken hips are common among the elderly community.  Due to frail or weakened bones and a lessened bone density even the thickest bones in the body may break; especially if the fall is of such a severe level.

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