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People of an older age may require help in the home.  Should there be a medical condition require daily monitoring or assistance is needed with home testing or administering of medications through IVs, a Detroit Home Healthcare caregiver may be present in the home of an elderly person.  Elderly people prefer to have his or her hair cut and styled that differs from people of a younger generation.  Home healthcare workers are familiar with the older people’s hairstyles.  Elderly women’s hairstyles include short bobs, hair wrapped into a bun, color treated hair, permed hair or a color rinse. Elderly men’s hairstyles include short contoured haircuts with shaved sides, comb over longer hair on the top to hide baldness and a wavy longer windblown look.  Men may also have color treated hair or use a color rinse.

Short bob haircuts on older women are popular.  Many times an elderly woman’s hair is too long to be properly maintained.  It may become burdensome and hard to wash.  Long hair is also harder to manage because it may get tangled more often and requires more effort to be styled.  For all of these reasons, some elderly women choose to have their hair cut into styles that are short and either less in maintenance or maintenance free.  Shorter hair is easy to comb, should it need to be combed at all. Short hair can sometimes be simply styled and managed with the fingers and avoids the head pulling that a comb may cause.

Long hair on an elderly woman is many times wrapped into a bun on top of her head.  This keeps the hair tangle free and prevents the hair from being hooked or caught up on things throughout the home.  Some elderly women are not willing to part with their long hair.  It is understandable that with long hair as an elderly person it may require assistance to shampoo the hair and keep it clean and free from debris.  Long hair can be difficult for a less flexible older person to reach and comb or brush.

Color treated or color washed hair is a popular option among older women.  To age gracefully, an elderly woman may hide gray hair by having it dyed a color of a younger person’s hair or the color that his or her hair was prior to it turning gray.  A color wash is semi-permanent and often is just added to the washing of the lady’s hair as she is shampooing.  A color rinse or wash is often more suitable for an elderly person as she may be able to rinse the color in by herself and without assistance.

Men’s hair as he gets older may be thinning or balding.  Many elderly men use the long pieces on the sides if balding on the top to comb over the bald spot.  This is a popular trend among older men.  It gives the illusion that the hair is long, when in fact there is a bald spot or short hair on the crown part or top of a man’s head.

Some men choose to maintain his hair color using a color treatment.  Many times the color for a man’s hair processes in a matter of minutes or allows some of the gray hair to remain to allow for a more natural looking color treatment.

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