At Home Nursing Care in Detroit – Story of a Friend

The heatlh benefits of home nursing care in DetroitA senior aged woman never missed a beat in her Detroit home, during her recovery thanks to at home nursing care in Detroit.  Most people forget that for many seniors the learning never stops.  For some seniors it is learning a new skill, how to use technology, staying fit or active, participating in the book clubs or taking on the learning of a new musical instrument.  A senior aged woman, living alone in her Detroit home, had started taking lessons to learn to play the drums.  Her friends would learn to play other instruments and would meet at her Detroit house once a week.  While she was in the hospital, she was unable to practice her drums and take her lessons or participate in the group sessions.  While in recovery though, because at home nursing care in Detroit was available to her in her home, she was able to stay involved in her new found hobby which keeps her so happy.  Longer hospital stays for recovery can be depressing and without the care that at home nursing care workers are able to provide, this senior aged woman would have been outside of her home in a hospital or nursing home facility for recovery.

At home nursing care allows her to maintain many of the things that she is accustomed to doing on a daily basis.  Happier people tend to recovery more quickly.  Not that it is a scientific, tell-all, all-the-time thing, but it has been studied and people who are not suffering from depression and maintain a positive outlook will recover quicker than those who are not happy during recovery.  Regardless if being happier during recovery by being at home during recovery speeds recovery time, just being in your own Detroit home to recover is nice.  In this case, the senior aged woman would not have been able to see, as often, her friends who visit once a week to play with her in their instrumental band.  She also would not be advancing her knowledge of the drums if she was recovering in a facility rather than right in her Detroit home with an at home nursing care worker.  She is receiving the valuable medical treatment she needs to ensure that she recovery will be without complications, as she would in a facility, but with at home nursing care in Detroit she is able to get back to doing the other things that she loves and taking care of some of her responsibilities as she recovers.  AS home nursing care is designed to allow seniors to get the care that they need during the recovery period without the need for a longer hospital stay or recovery in a facility.  This senior aged woman was able to quickly resume her daily activities, including playing the drums, while she was recovering thanks to the at home nursing care workers available to provide treatment right in her Detroit home.  At home nursing care in Detroit is allowing seniors to have a happier recovery after a hospital stay.

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