Grandma’s Getting In Home Nursing Care In San Diego

Compassionate in home nursing care in San DiegoGrandma though she just bumped her toe, but it was much more and in home nursing care in San Diego was needed in her San Diego area home.  Older people may become more clumsy and accident prone as they age.  The reason for this is not their lack of caring or concern for their own well-being and personal safety, but more changes in physical and mental capacity.  Grandma’s end table was at the corner of the room, just by the entrance to the hall, as it always had been.  As she got older, she started to never walk the same straight line path.  Her mobility was changing and her equilibrium was constantly off.  She is prone to accidents. Watch out for things as Grandparents age and check the top 5 signs he or she may be hiding an injury.

Bumping your toe, as a younger person, who is able to fully feel with all the sensitivity in their hands and feet, may not be anything more than uncomfortable.  For Grandma it was much more than that.  She couldn’t see the injury or really her feet in general.  This made it difficult to identify the seriousness of the injury.  Her toe was split open and it soon became infected with lack of treatment.  It bothered her.  She wore slippers and most everyone never took notice to how her feet were.  She wasn’t a woman who complained about anything.  It was weeks until she mentioned in passing that her foot still hurt from a bump on the toe which had happened weeks prior.  At this point it was so badly infected that she was rushed to the emergency room for the infected toe.  After a stay in the hospital, she was released to the care of a in home nursing care worker.  In San Diego, there are many options with regard to in home nursing care companies and services.  Our family, from experiences with other elderly loved ones needing in home nursing care services in San Diego, used the same company and often requested the same in home care nurse.  Grandma would need the bandages changed and IV medications to ensure that the infection, which had spread throughout her leg and body, would be treated quickly and properly.

Although we knew that the severity of the injury could have been reduced had Grandma mentioned the injury sooner, we were just glad she was okay.  The recovery went well, thanks to the folks who assisted from the San Diego in home nursing care company.  Otherwise, Grandma would have surely been lax about the recovery efforts and her recovery would not have happened or at least not as quickly.  We feel like Grandmas are special people, who for years took care of families and never themselves.  As they age, there will be a need to watch for the possibility of in home nursing care to be a part of a senior care plan to ensure that Grandparents are cared for properly.  Long hospital stays are usually a thing of the past.  In home nursing care will provide the same high-level quality of care that we expect in a hospital.

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