At Home Nursing Care San Francisco

At home nursing care San Francisco helps those who are aging take advantage of at home nursing care allowing them the ability to leave the hospital sooner and receive the after-care he or she needs to get well.  Remaining in the hospital after a surgery, procedure or illness is not the best recovery option available.  Registered nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Aids are able to provide comprehensive, reliable nursing care services at home.  At home nursing care San Francisco is an alternative to hospital or nursing home care and is available with constant supervision and around the clock care should it be ordered by your family physician for your aging loved one’s care plan.  Care should be hospitable, as an at home nursing care worker is coming into your aging loved one’s home.  Care should be reliable and the family should know what and when to expect the at home nursing care worker.  At home nursing home San Francsisco provides care that should be adequate and similar to that which would be received in a facility, although the services are available in the home. At home nursing care workers will be trained in nursing and have certifications and licensures, but most will also be educated and experienced in the particular health care needs of an aging person. At home nursing care San Francisco nurses will be considerate to the feelings and needs of your aging loved one while maintaining a care plan which has been created on a path to healing and recovery by a physician and reviewed, monitored and managed by a senior care adviser or geriatric care manager.  Charting a patient’s condition and progress or decline in health is an important part of an at home nurse’s responsibilities.  For a proper review and management of your aging loved one’s care plan and treatment plan a senior care adviser or geriatric car manager relies on the information in a chart to be able to make changes or appropriate care decisions for your aging loved one.

The level of at home nursing care San Francisco needed is a direct reflection of the assessment of an aging loved one’s medical or mental condition.  Accurately reflecting the condition of a patient will determine much by the way of heath care.  A senior care plan will be flexible as the needs are constantly changing.  As people age and conditions worsen or improve the level of care and the frequency of at home nursing care services changes.  As a condition worsens or there is more care needed the at home nurses may make more frequent visits and administer medication and monitor recovery or promote healing.  As a condition improves an at home nurse may come to provide nursing care in the home on a less frequent basis.  All of the scheduling is usually done at the main or central location of an at home nursing care service.  So the assessment and information listed in a patient’s chart directly changes and affects the level and frequency of care; making the charting a most important part of an at home nurse’s job.  Many companies that provide at home nursing care services have traveling nurses throughout an area and are available in many counties.  Although the central location or main office of an at home nursing home is in one county, it is likely that there are nurses available all throughout that county and in surrounding counties.  Many times, one at home nursing care San Francisco nurse is assigned to a patient.  Your aging loved one may progress, heal and recover due to the consistency in at home nurse care.  At each level of a care plan and home nursing is needed, the agency may send one nurse per patient.  This allows the nurse to become familiar and be the best at assessing changes in mental or medical conditions; as well as to allow your aging loved one to be able to establish a nice rapport with the at home nurse. As medical or mental conditions change or as the level of care changes a different nurse or multiple nurses may be sent to care for your aging loved one, to insure proper at home nursing care San Francisco.

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