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Compassionate home care nursing in San JoseEclectic seniors are changing the dynamic of in home nursing care in San Jose.  When in home nurses enter the homes of San Jose seniors, they never know just who or what they may find.  While in home care nurses are not in the habit of judging the lifestyles of seniors it is just difficult to ignore some of idiosyncrasies of some of the aging people with whom they provide care.  Beyond simple strange tastes of some seniors with regard to their personal attire or home décor, some seniors just have personalities that are different or stand out as not quite as typical.  These seniors come in all personality types and with different opinions, backgrounds and beliefs.

The hoarding senior can pose a most difficult challenge for an in home care nurse.  The reason being is that to provide adequate care for a senior in their San Jose home, the house must be free of clutter (or at least enough that the in home care nurse is able to provide care in the space).  For some seniors, parting with anything would be impossible to endure and prevents he or she from throwing anything away.  The hoarders are usually, without a conscience effort, living in a dirtier environment with poorer air quality.  In home nursing care in San Jose accounts for the space in which the senior may live and the adjustments to care which is provided may also be tailored and address the situation caused by the home environment.

The religious senior may have many religious artifacts and practices which prevent care from being provided during times of religious traditions and worship.  In home care nurses in San Jose may be around seniors of all different religious beliefs and who practice religious routines on the regular basis.  If it is a time of Prayer or religious sacrament the in home care nurse will often be unable to provide care as the senior will refuse or would at a minimum request not to be bothered during this time.  In home nursing care which is being provided to San Jose seniors may need to be scheduled around the religious worship schedule for some seniors.

The spiritual, holistic senior who may believe in burning sage or incense and practicing yoga or meditation may have alternative medicine requests.  The non-chemical and non-medical healing requests of a senior may play into the care in which in home nurses are able to provide.  Certainly seniors and their families play a huge role in the care which is provided by in home nursing care health providers in the San Jose area.

The obsessive, compulsive senior may have an issue with anything which may be moved or is out of place due to an in home nursing care worker being in their San Jose home.  In home senior care nurses are able to recognize the individual needs and differences within their patients and tailor their actions, behaviors and care plans according to the medical and non-medical needs of a senior while in their San Jose home.





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