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Compassionate homecare in san franciscoFamily photos are now including San Francisco homecare workers as part of the ‘extended family’.  As people age and generations in our families grow we have a desire to document the family times.  From great grandmothers down to great grandchildren we want to see all of our family together in one place and at one time.  With our busy lives it isn’t easy to get together for a family photo.  Most everyone will have someone in their extended family that will have another obligation or not be able to join.  Cherishing the times that we have our elders is nice, but to have a professional picture of all of the family with our senior aged loved ones is priceless.  The picture will remain a part of our homes long after our loved one is gone.

Remembering the times we had our seniors in our lives is important and photos jog memories.  Many people take a family photo at a family reunion or a holiday.  Others don’t need any reason, but a Sunday afternoon to get all of their family together.  A family photo is something that some people never think about while our elders are alive and it is something that the family regrets never doing.  Get a picture or many and cherish the times that you have with your senior aged loved ones.  People who are not biologically related may even be invited into the family photos.  A special homecare provider who has spent years assisting your senior aged loved one in their San Francisco home will often become part of the family.  For this reason family photos are considered to be of the most important people in a senior’s life, but not necessarily just their immediate family or their children and grandchildren.

When is a good time to opt for a family photo op?

  1. Someone in the family is getting married
  2. Family reunion
  3. Holiday gathering
  4. Large anniversary or birthday celebration
  5. Funeral dinner

Whether this is just immediate or actual genetic family members or this is the gathering of those closest people in your life who you consider your family, there is a time and place to get together and get everyone in one picture.  It is typically a rarity to have all of the family together in one place, so when that happens get a photo.  Family photos are priceless and do not necessarily even need to be taken by a professional.  Photos taken by someone who is capable and with a decent camera can turn out just as nice as a professional picture.  In many cases, just taking a look around at an event or family function in San Francisco and you will find that there are most all of your family members together.  This would be the perfect time to capture some of the last big family events with your senior aged loved one.  Remembering those who were closest to your senior aged loved one and your family may include a San Francisco homecare worker who has been in your senior’s home for a long time.


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