Homes For Independent Living

Seniors are given many living options when they have reached a point where they are in need of additional assistance. They can make the choice to remain living at home, having the assistance come to them when they are in need of it, they can relocate to an independent living community where they reside with other seniors in very similar situations with similar circumstances as themselves, or, if their condition is severe, they can relocate to a nursing home where they will be attended to on a 24/7 basis for health and physical issues. The setting each individual senior resides in all depends on their own unique situation. Many homes for independent living are capable of providing the best of both worlds, allowing them to continue living independently, while being capable of receiving the medical care and attention they need, it is one of the most popular forms of elder living.

Independent living homes provide seniors with an apartment like residence, where they are provided their own living space. These living spaces include a kitchen and dining area, a living and bedroom, and also bathroom. The residents of independent living homes are provided this setting in order for them to continue living as independently as possible. By providing this independence, they are being allowed to show they are still more than capable of living on their own. They do, however, realize their need for assistance.

Medical and non-medical staff are on hand in independent living homes. This staff is comprised of individuals who are able to provide assistance on a personal basis, all depending on when and how often each senior wishes to receive assistance. The medical staff is able to provide medically focused assistance, such as taking blood samples, providing prescriptions, and answering questions and/or concerns that residents may have concerning their health or medication. The non-medical staff is able to provide less intense assistance, such as help in grocery shopping, assistance in transportation, and light chores around their living quarters.

Independent living homes also provide many opportunities and settings for social and physical activities for their residents. These social activities include a community dining area, where residents are able to have community meals with the other residents, a social gathering room where movie nights and mixers are held, and even preplanned off grounds events such as dinners and/or movies. Physical activities that are available to residents include nature trails throughout the grounds and surrounding areas of the facility, and aerobic classes that are offered to all the residents. By offering both social and physical activities to residents, they can be guaranteed to continue with the growth and care of both their mental and physical health.

Because each senior’s situation is unique, it is important to fully understand their capabilities and limitations when coming to a final decision on living arrangements for them. While independent living homes are a very popular form of residency for seniors because of the freedom and independence of living on their own combined with the security of knowing they are being assisted by medical staff, there are certain seniors who may not either have the desire or capability of residing in an independent living home. This is why it is so important to look at each senior’s particular needs as closely as possible before reaching any decisions.

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