Hospice and Medicare Services

Seniors who suffer from an illness, a life-threatening disease or those who are nearing the end of their life may need Hospice services. Hospice can help seniors and their loved ones transition into their final stages of their life. Sometimes hospice patients have a few weeks before their life ends, and in those final weeks of life Hospice provides comfort for both the patient and their loved ones.

Many Hospice facilities provide single-occupancy rooms with a warm design such as two-tone walls with wall fixtures, paintings, lamps with colorful shades, and appealing furniture. It does not resemble a hospital room, and it feels comfortable because of the warm colors and comfortable room settings. There may even be a daybed, or a lazy chair in the room available to the family members who may want to spend the night in their loved ones’ room. When you or a loved one are faced with the stress of dying, finances and how-to-pay for services should not be on your mind. Hospice services can also be given to the senior in the comfort of their own home. With the help of a Hospice Home Care provider a person can stay in their home (check with your local Home Care Nursing agency to find out if they offer Hospice services at home), which may be the most appealing option for a person with a terminal illness.

Medicare¬†services are¬†available to Hospice patients if they qualify for this assistance. To qualify for Medicare, the physician must certify that the patient’s situation is terminal within 6 months time. The hospice care will not provide any medical treatments for any terminal illnesses thereafter. Since this reality of living only 6 more months, a person may not want to end treatments and may resist hospice care. A lot of seniors fear hospice care for many different reasons.

Hospice does not have to be a final decision. If the senior’s condition gets better and they are in Hospice care, they can leave the Hospice care and start receiving regular Medicare coverage and treatments as necessary. If a senior does not like hospice care for whatever reason, they can return to regular care services through Medicare coverage. They do not necessarily have to give a reason for their decision if they do not want hospice services any longer, and they can make the decision at any time.

If the senior experiences other illnesses or conditions, other than the terminal illness, they can still receive Medicare coverage for that condition while in Hospice care. The senior is not completely denied of treatment services when they are relating to non-terminal illnesses. Medicare Part B will cover the normal treatments for the medical problems the senior may be experiencing other than the terminal illness.

A terminal disease can cause symptoms that may cause discomfort to the patient. Hospice care provides patients with medical treatments to help with these symptoms so they can have comfort. Since the medication is provided directly from the Hospice Care Facility or Hospice Care Provider, it is more convenient for the patients and their families. The families do not have to worry about making the trip to the pharmacy for these comfort medications, nor do they need to worry about other insurance coverage to help with the costs. This is also true for that of any senior mobility devices such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and beds.

Hospice care is care for those experiencing end-of-life because of a terminal illness or disease. The main goal in Hospice care is making the person feel as comfortable as possible, and having their family feel the same.

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