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Deciding when it is time to turn to palliative care for your loved one can be an unbearable responsibility for a family. The truth is that it is in the end, it is often up to them, but your medical professional managing your loved one’s care will often be the first to tell you when it is best. Their interest is in reducing the pain for their patient once they have tried unsuccessfully to bring them back to health.

When looking for hospice in Austin Texas, the first instinct of close family members is often denial. This is a completely understandable reaction, but the suffering of their sick, elderly family member soon becomes their most important concern. The important thing to remember is that hospice care recommended by doctors in Austin Texas, or by any doctor, is not meant to shorten your family member’s life in any way. It is usually recommended for patients with less than six months to live, who can no longer be helped by curative medicine or procedures. It is meant to alert the family that there is precious time left in a person’s life that would be best served by the patient doing things he or she would enjoy.

Though difficult to make the emotional transition, once your family has made the decision to go ahead with hospice care, there still remains work to be dome. At GeriCareFinder, we can help you determine the best course of action for your loved one suffering from a terminal illness.

There are different ways of obtaining palliative care. It can be sought from a skilled nursing home, or it can be done without disrupting the person’s routine by having a professional come to them for home visits instead. The main concern when it comes to palliative care, is that your family member is comfortable. Terminal illnesses are most often accompanied by great physical pain, so making someone comfortable involves the use heavy pain medications. Depending on your family’s situation, you may opt for a nursing home where round the clock care can be provided.

If your family member has decided to spend their remaining days at home, then you can turn to GeriCareFinder to find the right people to manage their hospice needs. You may consider getting a Geriatric Care Manager to help sift through all the tasks family will have to do.

They can screen a home visit professional for you and monitor the care your family member gets from that person for you as well. They can take a look over the financial assets of your terminally ill parent or grandparent, so that he/she can put their house in order and make sure that what they have worked their entire lives for does not get diminished in taxes and penalties after they pass on. They can be your advocate for you with insurance companies as well, taking over the task of dealing with your elder’s HMO, Medicare or Medicaid plans on your behalf. The grieving process does not often allow family members the stamina or mental and emotional stability they will need to deal with all these important matters. A Geriatric Care manager can take care of these things for you.

Find hospice by zip code on GeriCareFinder, or use our free tools to handle all these aspects of care yourself. Pay us a visit and let us help to ease your burden.

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