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hospice care in charlotte, NCThere are many Charlotte hospice agencies that are providing excellent home hospice care to senior aged people in their homes. Hospice care can be provided in the senior aged person’s Charlotte home, a Charlotte nursing home facility, a Charlotte assisted living facility or in a Charlotte hospital. Managing pain and fatigue within the senior aged patients one of the biggest medical and emotional concerns, which are addressed by hospice workers in the senior, aged person’s Charlotte home. Fatigue is common amongst hospice patients. Pain management is key in the overall comfort and maintaining a high quality of life for a senior aged hospice patient.

Fatigue is noticeable when your senior aged loved one is overly tired or has a lack of energy. Fatigue can be seen in many hospice patients. Symptoms related to their illness or medical concern can result in fatigue. Not all seniors are able to perform many tasks while under hospice care, but fatigue can be diagnosed when your senior aged loved one is not able to perform tasks that were common for him or her. Each hospice patient’s activity level is different, so it is about recognizing the changes in behaviors. If a senior aged person was able to eat on his or her own, but is now not able to feed him or herself because they are too tired that may be a sign of fatigue. Depression symptoms often accompany the fatigue symptoms. Fatigue may be caused from the body fighting an infection or as a result of the multiple symptoms related to an illness causing stress on the body. If a senior aged person was unable to get the proper rest and good deep sleep that he or she needs due to the symptoms related to their medical condition, he or she may become fatigued. Often the family needs to report the symptoms of fatigue to the hospice care workers. Although the hospice care workers are trained professionals, the family will usually notice the signs of fatigue first. The family knows the senior aged person’s routine and normal behavior longer and that they will most likely be spending more time with the senior aged hospice patient than the hospice care worker in the Charlotte home.

Depression from fatigue usually subsides by the time the fatigue is treated. If the depression is unrelated to mental illness or clinical diagnosis of depression than the senior will typically become happier and more able to smile once the fatigue symptoms have been treated. The family can do things to help their senior aged loved one recover from fatigue. Increasing activity can decrease fatigue symptoms. The biggest mistake that family members make when treating their senior aged loved one for their fatigue symptoms is to take away all of their daily tasks, activities and any responsibilities that the senior aged person may have been tending to. Seniors need mind and body stimulation to be able to get out of the fatigue. A senior aged loved one will be more inclined to be able to perform daily activities such as eating or bathing when they are able to mentally prepare themselves for the activity. Telling the senior what daily living activities are scheduled for the day and when the activity will take place helps the senior to motivate and talk him or herself into being able to complete the daily living activity with assistance. When talking about the upcoming daily living activity is sure to explain what kind of help and assistance the senior is able to expect. This will help a senior aged loved one with fatigue to be able to let go of concerns that they are too tired to complete the daily living activity on their own. Knowing that their will be help or assistance means that the senior knows that less effort will be needed and the activity seems more achievable when they are experiencing fatigue.

Making sure that your senior aged loved one is as comfortable as possible right before bed is the best way to ensure that the fatigued senior aged person is sleeping well in their Charlotte home. Encouraging your senior aged loved one to nap or sleep when they are tired, regardless of a schedule or a time of the day, will allow a senior aged person to recover from fatigue more quickly. Charlotte hospice care workers are working closely with family members and friends of senior aged loved ones to prevent and combat fatigue.

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