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Many families are not aware that hospice services are available in the home and in nursing homes. While there are many Chicago hospice providers available, those elderly people who are in need of hospice care who are residing at home or in a nursing home are able to receive the same beneficial hospice care as someone who lives in a Chicago hospice care facility. While hospice care is needed just in the final stage of life, some family and friends of senior aged loved ones will not think to ask for hospice care if the senior lives in a nursing home or is already receiving at home nursing care. Hospice care is different than nursing home care. Although there is a constant supervision and around the clock care in a nursing home, the nurses in nursing homes are not able to tend to the every need of a dying resident. Nursing home staff is often caring for entire wings of elderly residents and the specialized care to prevent suffering and eliminate pain will not be the main focus of a nursing home care worker.

Hospice can come into the nursing home and ensure that the family of the dying senior aged person is also as prepared as possible for death. Often there are not any other medical options available and the senior aged person will be lying in the bed just deteriorating in the end. This can be difficult to watch. Hospice care workers are trained to know what the patient is able to hear and see. This can be comforting to know what your senior aged loved one is experiencing, rather than guessing or assuming the worst. Many times hospice keeps a person in a sedated state just before death to ensure that there is the least amount of pain and discomfort associated with their passing.

Chicago hospice care workers in one’s home and nursing homes will be able to use the typical surroundings and the comforts of home to keep a senior aged patient as calm as possible during their final stage of life. Some hospice care workers suggest soothing sounds, calming scents and plants and music or reading to keep the elderly patient peaceful in their final few days, weeks or months of life. Many hospice patients are receiving IV fluids and other things to keep them as comfortable as possible. Just a hand rubbed or a reassurance that an elderly loved one is as comfortable as possible can mean a lot to the family of a dying loved one. Hospice care workers may provide instructions to the family and friends of a senior aged loved one on how to keep them as comfortable as possible. Those elderly hospice patients who are unable to drink may need water swabs in and on their mouth a few times a day. Hospice care in Chicago homes and Chicago nursing homes is not typically around the clock care and some daily duties will be performed by family and nursing home staff in the interim.

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