Hospice New York

Hospice care has become more accepted, needed and customary in the end of life stage for elderly people needing hospice in New York. Previously, not all insurance companies would cover the cost of hospice care and there were certainly less available non-profit organizations to cover the costs, which were associated with hospice care. Now elderly people in New York are being treated and cared for by well-qualified hospice home health nurses and they are able to be near their family and friends during the final stage of their life.

In years past, hospice care was not as easily covered by state funded programs in New York and senior aged patients were traveling far away to facilities which offered assistance with funding hospice care. In many cases, seniors were staying far away from close family and friends who were not able to visit regularly. In the final stage of life, senior aged people need the comfort and support of their family, friends and loved ones. The availability, accessibility and funding have allowed hospice care to now be possible as a care option for so many senior aged people in the New York area.

No longer are people refusing hospice care. It is not as taboo and difficult for people to be able to talk about death and the final stage of life. Hospice care is beneficial to the senior aged patient, as well as to his or her family and friends. Hospital care is difficult for patients who have friends and family far away. Not only for the patient’s sake in not being able to visit, but the family and friends are necessarily able to travel far distances for a hospital visit.

New York hospice care allows for a trained professional care worker to be in the New York home. Patients receiving hospice care will be the most comfortable in the final stage of his or her life. Insurance companies, state funded programs and non-profit funding has been changed to accommodate more hospice care funding with less red tape and hassle. Senior aged people who have a home should be able to live out the rest of their lives in their New York home.

In some situations, a hospice facility is a better option for care in the end of life. Should the patient need constant supervision or be in a serious condition which would cause agony and distress the around the clock hospice care in a hospice facility may be a better option. In some situations, there is a limited amount of time and space available in the in-patient hospice facilities and the hospice care may be more difficult to find. Funding is more difficult to be obtained for an around the clock in-patient hospice facility in New York, but is available. An in-patient facility may be more expensive, but for many patients it is the best hospice care option. In New York, funding has become more readily available with regard to in and out-patient hospice care for senior aged people. Hospice care in New York allows for a person to die as comfortably and humanely as possible either in their home with a hospice care nurse or in a facility with a trained hospice staff.

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