Hospices In Skilled Nursing Facilities

Hospice in skilled nursing facilities can help a person who is terminally ill and can no longer benefit from traditional medical care. Most people who need hospice care are those who wish to have care that is in the form of comfort and free of pain. Some hospice facilities require a doctor’s notice, in order to make their services available, that the person will likely die from their illness within 6 months. If a senior doesn’t qualify for hospice, other forms of help can include home care services, home health care services, adult day care  services, and nursing home services.

Most hospice facilities allow the resident to peacefully rest without being bothered too often. As the hospice facility provides aides as the resident needs them, it is important to note that not all hospice situations are the same. The level of care that hospice provides depends on the needs of the resident. Since hospice is supportive care, your senior loved one will receive everything needed to make the person as comfortable as possible.

As most hospice care facilities are Medicare certified, it is a good idea to read the guidelines of the Medicare policies. Due to these strict policies, families should know that Medicare will help guarantee that your senior loved one will be cared for by trained professionals. Hospice care should provide the resident with compassionate services and comfort care. Hospice care is considered end of life care, which often means that the resident should enjoy the rest of their stay on this earth. If you feel that the services provided by Hospice care are not the best services, you should contact the director or administrator with these matters. If you need to, you may want to move your loved one into a better suited hospice care facility, but this should be a last resort for you and your family. Talking with the director will help you understand what should be done and what can be done to make your senior loved one’s stay a comfortable one.

The hospice care facility will help your loved one feel as comfortable as possible. The nurses will also keep up with any changes they are noticing in your loved one’s health. Sometimes, doctors will keep in touch with the Hospice facility regarding a person’s health to determine if they are getting any better or worse. It is not uncommon for a person to be directed to a nursing facility if it looks as though their illness is taking a turn for the better or if they received word from their doctor that their life expectancy has increased in time. Some seniors may wait to choose Hospice until it is the definitive final stages of their life. Most times seniors will stay in their senior care facility, a nursing home or assisted living facility, to continue receiving traditional medicine and therapies.

Whatever path you and your senior loved one chooses, you can be sure that hospice is a good option for making your senior loved one feel as comfortable as possible.

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