Independent Living Community

While there are many seniors who choose to remain living independently, meaning they continue to reside in a home setting outside of the confines of a nursing home, they do still sometimes feel more comfortable and secure in a community setting, with other individuals in the same place in life as themselves. This is possible with a few different options. Retirement communities are one option, where the residents there are most likely to be retired from their work. Independent living communities is another option. Independent living communities offer many, if not all, of the same amenities as a retirement community, but do not hold the requirement of being a retired individual.

Independent living communities are living arrangements that allow the most independence available while continuing to provide assistance that may be needed by some of the residents. Independent living communities offer medical assistance, both through medicine and daily prescriptions, and through providing living quarters and assistance for individuals with physical disabilities.

Independent living community residents are given living quarters that resemble that of an apartment complex. They are given private living quarters, which include a dining, kitchen, and living area, along with a bedroom and bathroom. They are given these living quarters in order to maintain their desire to remain living independently. Depending on the location of the independent living community, some residents are given the option to reside with another individual, giving them constant companionship. This companionship is so important in a senior’s life. It not only provides security, but it also provides someone who you can count on and trust on a daily basis in order to not feel alone.

Independent living communities also provide medical assistance on their grounds. Because independent living communities focus on seniors with medical, mental, or physical issues, they have regularly staffed medical experts that are able to provide assistance whenever it is needed. This staff is comprised of registered nurses, physical therapists, and even sometimes in home health care providers. By staffing individuals who are trained and educated in the medical field, residents of independent living communities are given even more reassurence that their health, safety, and well being are being taken care of on a daily basis.

Independent living communities also offer their residents many social opportunities as a living community. They provide on site areas such as a community room for social gatherings, such as mixers and movie nights, nature trails and sports equipment, in order to maintain good health, and also organized nights out that include movies, dinner, shopping, or other activities. By including all of these social activities, independent living communities are sure they are providing their residents with all around healthy living options. These options include mental and physical health, which are both such important aspects in senior’s daily lives.

Independent living communities are just another form of the abundance of assistance that is provided to seniors to ensure their comfort and health. It is important for seniors to understand all of their options, whether it be for care, living arrangements, or even assistance provided for them. Their options, no matter what the category, do not become limited or even non-existent. They continue to have options where it is most important, their health and happiness.

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