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Though the broad aspect of elder care is universal, it must be understood that many aspects vary. These aspects range from, but are not limited to, each individual senior, finances, and geographic location. It is impossible to guarantee something across the board when you have so many independent factors that do not all require the same attention. Independent living is no different. Though the broad aspect of independent is universal, and that is to provide seniors with a residential setting where they can feel comfortable and safe, while being provided the assistance they need, there are specifics that change or differ when it comes to geographic location.

Because of this, let’s take a look at Florida¬†independent living that’s available throughout the state.

Independent living is the form of elder care that allows seniors to reside in an apartment like community with other seniors who have chosen this form of living. Each senior is provided with their own living quarters, which includes a dining room and kitchen, a living room and bedroom, and a bathroom. Though they are given the option to reside with another senior, each resident is also given the option to live alone. They are provided these living quarters to allow them to continue living independently with the privacy they wish for. Along with these private quarters, independent living communities offer community dining areas and community gatherings rooms. These community rooms are provided to ensure each senior is receiving the correct amount of nutrition in their daily meals for healthy living, along with keeping their social and mental health active.

Independent living communities also offer many physical health opportunities by providing their seniors with arranged fitness classes, such as water aerobics and cardio classes. Independent living communities also offer nature trails that can be found throughout the grounds of the community, sometimes even going outside the grounds and around surrounding areas. All of these activities provide continued physical health in seniors, which is so important because of the loss and increased difficulty of mobility with the increase of age.

Independent living communities in Florida are provided in order to continue allowing seniors to reside in this comfortable and safe living environment. And with the help of the Florida Independent Living Council, Inc., (FILC) seniors can be guaranteed that they are receiving the best options and all information regarding independent living communities in their state. The purpose of FILC is to promote all the opportunities that are available with independent living to individuals with disabilities and seniors in Florida. Among the opportunities FILC promotes is included a State Plan for Independent Living. This State Plan will and does ensure that all individuals with disabilities are guaranteed the same availability and assistance in all independent living communities throughout the state of Florida. FILC works to ensure that all individuals with disabilities are granted not only the same assistance and availability as all other seniors in independent living communities, but are also provided a voice when it comes to the set up and regulations that are allowed to them.

Though the details of independent living communities may vary from state to state, the overall goal and mission of them remains the same. And that goal and mission is to allow seniors to reside in a community where they can remain living independently and freely, while receiving necessary care that is essential to their health. And all of this provided in the safe, comfortable living environment that is independent living.

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