Independent Living Skills

Seniors who choose to remain living independently sometimes may not be aware of tasks they perform on a daily basis becoming more and more difficult. While they may be able to continue with some daily tasks with regular comfort and ease, there are other tasks that they simply may not realize are becoming issues for them. Some tasks have become so routine that they may not even give them a second thought when performing them on a daily basis. There are ways to fully understand the amount and depth of independent living skills.

Independent living skills are the tasks that individuals perform on a daily basis. These tasks include things that are performed around and in your home, along with tasks that performed out of the comfort of your home. These activities of daily living range from very small, simple tasks to more difficult and time consuming tasks.

Some examples of simpler independent living skills are brushing your teeth and hair, selecting your wardrobe, washing dishes, laundry, and doing other light chores around the house. While these independent living skills may start out as simple and small tasks, as you progress in age, they may begin to become more difficult.

Though these tasks may seem small and trivial at first glance, they do become harder and harder to accomplish as you age. What began as small and simple daily tasks has the potential to become not only harder, but sometimes impossible for individuals. This is why it is so important to fully understand the tasks you go through on a daily basis that have become so routine they begin to go unnoticed.

Some examples of more difficult and complex independent living skills are lifting and moving furniture and heavy items, repairing broken items and appliances, and in some cases bathing. Because all of these tasks involve a great deal of strength and mobility, they begin to become harder sooner than the smaller tasks. As you age, ease of mobility and strength begin to decline, sometimes requiring assistance with these tasks. Driving is also viewed as a more difficult task because of the concentration and skill it requires. With the progression of age, individuals can expect to lose the clarity in their sight and hearing. Both of these senses are of great importance when it comes to tasks such as driving.

These harder, more difficult tasks are just that for any individual of any age. Which makes it that much harder and more difficult for a senior. What begins as a difficult task can end with being a simpler task when you seek assistance. All of the tasks listed can be assisted with by in home care givers.

In home care givers are provided for seniors and individuals who have found daily independent living skills becoming more and more difficult to perform on their own. In home care givers are given specific training for performing independent living skills for other individuals. It is through their assistance that seniors are able to continue remaining living on their own.

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