Indiana Nursing Home Negligence Attorney

If your senior loved one is in a nursing home, and the care they are receiving is not appropriate, you may need a lawyer. Seniors may not be receiving the proper care such as being stuck in bed, do not have socks or shoes on for hours, stuck in their chair for a long period of time, no help to the restroom, does not get dried off after a shower, and other horrific means of living. These conditions are not suitable for seniors living in nursing homes, but unfortunately the nursing homes are understaffed, underpaid, or the nurses are not qualified. Some nursing homes lack personal assistance, which leads to neglect. No senior should live in these means, and if you notice your loved one going through this, get legal help right away. Indiana nursing home negligence attorneys may help your loved one who may have suffered negligence while in a care facility.

The issue of negligence in an Indiana Nursing Home has multiple dimensions, and is influenced by what lawyers may call the standard of care. The standard of care is a measure against which the facts of your particular situation are viewed. Experts for one side may have one opinion as to the standard of care in a particular case, while the opposing side or sides may have differing opinions. A review of all the relevant medical records by a competent attorney who is experienced in handling this kind of case, as well as possible review by a medical expert will be necessary if you think that your senior loved one is facing neglect in their nursing home facility.

If you are concerned that your senior loved one is being neglected and want to have your matter reviewed for a lawyer’s opinion on it, be sure you find the right kind of lawyer. If your loved one is a victim of negligence, you will need a lawyer but look carefully for the right lawyer. Bear in mind that every state has laws regarding how long you have to make a claim or file a case for medical negligence in court, called statutes of limitations, you will want to act right away. There are many legal rules about timing of filing the negligence report and these legal rules are quite rigid. You should get legal advice right away-do not wait. If you miss the time limits on any part of the claim, any rights that you have can be lost for good, therefore address your concerns by getting proper legal advice by an Elder Law attorney.

A geriatric care manager may be a good option for seniors who may need assistance finding another senior care center to live at. Caregivers and family members who are a distance away will find the help of a geriatric care manager vital in a negligence situation. Senior care attorneys will help you take the legal action against the facility that your loved one was neglected by. Always check the nursing home yourself before your loved one moves in. If this is not possible, have the power of attorney, or a close relative go and look at the location. Spend time in the nursing home to get the feel of the place, and if you feel that it is not a good environment for your senior loved one, find another senior care facility. Senior negligence is a dangerous thing, but unfortunately it is common in nursing homes. Be careful, and take caution, when choosing your senior care facility.

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