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Many ways to report elder abuse in Los Angeles, CAThere are several ways to prevent, identify and report elder abuse in Los Angeles.  There are ways to prevent elder abuse and each type of elder abuse requires different preventative measures.  Knowing who is in the home with your senior or caring for your senior can really prevent abuse.  Asking the agency for the employee’s length of employment or the incidents and reports against the employee can be one way to ensure that only the most qualified and kind individual is caring for your senior aged loved one.  Be proactive and don’t be afraid to ask the questions.  The agency should be forthcoming with information about the measures that the agency takes to prevent those who may have been charged previously with elder abuse working with their clients.  There are abuse registries which you may check the agency’s employees’ names against.  This is something that you should make sure that the agency has done as part of the hiring process.  Most reputable senior care companies are researching and performing thorough background checks on their newly hired employees.  To prevent financial abuse, a senior may consider a limited power of attorney.  In the event that a senior is not able to handle their financial responsibilities there may already be a trusted person assigned to handle this part of their life.  This prevents fraud and abuse of the senior’s finances, when the power of attorney has the ability to monitor the financial activity.  The only way to ensure that a senior is not exploited is to prevent it as best you can.   Seniors can make a plan to have someone they trust make decisions in the event that he or she is not able.  The types of things you should plan for:

  1. Financial
  2. Health and Medical
  3. Living situation changes and wishes.  It is sad to say, but many families are torn apart when more than one person is making the decisions for a senior when he or she is unable. If a senior and their family should plan ahead, then it is easiest to know what the senior wanted. There is less disagreement between the family and friends of the senior when the senior’s wishes are documented by the senior. The family and professionals caring for the senior will be certain that the care provided is just as the senior would have wanted.
  4. Being educated on the signs of elder abuse or where to report it can be as simple as researching in the local Los Angeles area or reaching out to the Center for Aging. Also, speaking with the senior care agency or other families with senior aged parents will lead to a wealth of knowledge and resources in the Los Angeles area. The Los Angeles local police will be engaged to investigate when a crime has been committed, but in certain circumstances, you may want to engage the senior care agency or Center for Aging in addition to ensure that the appropriate immediate course of action is taken with the care worker who may have been the reason for the elder abuse concern. Contact the local agencies in Los Angeles for more information about how to prevent, identify and report elder abuse.
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