Long Island Nursing Homes

Finding the appropriate choice from the many Long Island nursing homes for yourself or for an elderly family member first involves an assessment regarding whether or not a nursing home is even appropriate for the person in question. Retirement communities and assisted living homes are not synonymous with the phrase nursing home, although many people new to the vast world of senior care think they all refer to the same thing.

Of course, despite the fact that many seniors need help with day to day tasks, many shudder at the thought of leaving their own homes. If this applies to you or to a senior whose care you are in charge of, then moving them out of their home will only cause their health to deteriorate, beginning with their mental health. Good options open to you in that case is to either: get home care, where a qualified person comes in to their home and helps them with everything from meals and cleaning to medication dispensation, (a nurse in the latter case), or put them in an adult day care where they will get the care they need plus social interaction.

If you are physically healthy and mentally agile, but you are lonely or otherwise want a support system in place in case you might need it, then a retirement community in Long Island would be your best option. Retirement communities offer seniors the chance to rent a monthly apartment where they can live independently among people their own age, and reap the benefits of enjoying their company. Often meals and transportation will be provided as well, but the focus is on a vibrant senior community with a high quality of life, including social activities such as game nights, group outings and seasonal events designed to make the most of when family members visit.

For people who need a little more assistance, such as with bathing, dressing, cleaning, medication dispensation and monitoring, and incontinence care, an assisted living facility will meet their needs. Seniors will still be able to maintain some measure of independence here while receiving help with day to day activities.

Lastly, nursing homes are housing facilities that provide much more intensive, round the clock care to their residents. If your family member suffers from chronic, debilitating illnesses, a nursing home will provide a bevy of specialized staff members to cater to their needs, including medical practitioners.

Visit GeriCareFinder; we also have a host of tools to help you see if you will be able to afford a nursing home, including financial calculators, assessment of realistic costs, and information about Medicare and Medicaid. If you use all our free tools and discover that you currently cannot afford a nursing home, we can provide you with a list of local professionals who can advise so that you can make it a reality.

Search on our comprehensive site for professionals who deal with Elder Law, for tax attorneys who are cognizant of how to safeguard the home and assets of seniors, or for Medicare and Medicaid consultants who can truly tell you if you qualify for nursing home care coverage.  You can even search for long term insurance providers if you need supplemental insurance to help cover the cost of a nursing home. Through it all we will provide you with loads of information so you can determine the best course of action while caring for a senior. Let us be your one-stop resource; visit GeriCareFinder today.

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